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She said it helps her feel at home.

“I love the crowd. I feel like if there is one tournament that everyone is rooting a lot for me is in Melbourne. I really don’t get that everywhere I play,” she said.

Williams can reclaim the No. 1 ranking by winning the Australian Open. If she does, she’d pass Chris Evert’s mark of 30 years, 11 months and 3 days _ set in 1985 _ as the oldest woman to hold the top ranking.

Evert, now a TV analyst, says it’s “absolutely possible” for Williams to not only win in Australia, but to win all four majors this year if she stays fit and healthy.

“I think she’s got the motivation, there’s no doubt about it, because she’s been out of the game so many different times, either for injuries or for other interests in her life, whatever, so she’s still a fresh older player,” Evert said.

“When she’s on, she’s unbeatable. I don’t know if anybody can really stop her. But you have to remember that we’re talking Grand Slams in the same sentence, and they’re two-week tournaments and have always provided surprises for us.

“But is it possible? It’s absolutely possible. Do I think it will happen? I have my doubts that it would happen only because she is human.”

Williams thinks it’s possible if she gets back into her zone, where “It feels really calm, like I’m in a really calm place and I’m not panicking, I’m not over-thinking it and not, you know, blasting every ball. I just get really calm and kind of serene.

“I feel better when I’m more calm. When I’m crazy like I was in Paris, as you can see, it doesn’t do great for me.”

She said she’d been spending a lot more time on court in practice, is more relaxed and “doing a lot of things I love,” since hiring Paris-based Patrick Mouratoglou as a coaching consultant.

“Everything just came together with the right timing with me wanting to do better, with me wanting to work hard, him being there and having everything to work hard, and having the same mind frame of playing matches for the way I like to play.

“So I think life is about timing, and it was just good timing.”

Williams joined other players from Mouratoglou’s academy and former No. 1-ranked Martin Hingis on a trip to Mauritius, where the group mixed practice with singing karaoke and swimming in the sea.

Photos of Mouratoglou and Williams sparked rumors there was more to the relationship than tennis, something Williams declined to discuss when asked at a news conference if there was more to the story that she’d like to share.

“No, not really,” she said. “Thanks for asking though.”