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We’ve all got to take personal responsibility for this blight on America, and work tirelessly to stop it.

Pray, first and foremost. Pray for American minds to change, and for life to be protected at all ages. Pray that women will realize that true feminism and cherishing their preborn children are not at odds as they are told, but in fact, go hand-in-hand. Pray that our legislators will see the personal impact of abortion’s harm — and be motivated to end it.

Take time to think about abortion and its potential effect on your own family — the missing siblings, grandchildren, nephews, nieces and children, and the women harmed in body and soul. Most of us become “Dragon Parents” when our children’s safety is threatened. Parents conduct background checks before hiring a baby sitter and install nanny cameras to discourage harm. We drill safety measures into preschoolers’ heads, and vigilantly track the movements (cyber and otherwise) of teenagers. But how often do we think to guard against the possibility of a future sibling, grandchild, nephew or niece being killed by abortion? The thought is a scary one, and all the more daunting because we feel powerless: What can we really do?

Follow King’s example and speak up, from your heart. Let those you love know that you will be there to support an unexpected pregnancy and cherish every life — born and preborn — no matter what the circumstances. Tell your children, friends and family why abortion is the critical civil rights issue of this era.

And take decision action. It’s easy to lament slow change from the sidelines; it’s time to step into the fray and become a catalyst for change. Don’t just bemoan the laws; do something positive. Volunteer at a crisis pregnancy center or pray outside an abortion clinic. Work to elect those who will fight for civil rights for all — and work to defeat those who select who will be protected and who will not.

On this day — this day of the great hypocritical celebration — vow to make King’s dream a reality by working to establish civil rights protections for all.

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