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Kansas considers cutting out income tax

- The Washington Times - Thursday, January 24, 2013

Kansas lawmakers, led by Republican Gov. Sam Brownback, introduced a bill Wednesday that would eventually end the state's income tax.

It's an example of Kansas' "leading edge of the conservative economic and political movement," and should serve as a model for other Republican-led states, Kansas Rep. Tom Sloan said, according to one media report.

Mr. Brownback has taken other steps to trim government in recent months. The state just approved its largest tax ever, while Medicaid was largely handed to private insurers to oversee. Moreover, welfare has been slashed, along with the government workforce. And next up: Pension reform.

According to Tax Foundation figures, Kansas has an individual state income tax rate of 6.45 percent, and a corporate rate of 7 percent. Its sales tax is 6.3 percent.

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