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“I’ve been asked many times whether we should add other countries or regions to the Solheim Cup,” he said. “One thing you learn quickly as commissioner when you go to the Solheim Cup is you’re not going to mess with that. … Korea wants to play Japan, not be teammates. This gives the fans what they want.”

While it will be a global competition, it likely will be staged in the United States.

After the inaugural event Caves Valley, it will move to Rich Harvest Farms west of Chicago _ site of the 2009 Solheim Cup _ for 2016. Whan said it would be played in July, which is the heart of the LPGA Tour’s domestic schedule.

“Our tour is so global and we need this type of event,” said Stacy Lewis, the LPGA Tour’s player of the year. “People always want to know why golfers from Asia are so good. Well, now we can see how all the countries stack up.”