Ravens D-coordinator Pees has own means of success

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Given the Ravens‘ success this season, and understanding that being a defensive coordinator in Baltimore often is a precursor to a head coaching job, it’s quite possible that Pees could one day be asked to take the top job with another team.

Ravens cornerback Corey Harris believes Pees would be good at it.

“He’s a pretty laid-back coach, a guy that you would love to play for,” Harris said. “He lets the players play and lets you go out there and express your personality and be who you are.”

Pees, however, has no intention of taking on the responsibility that comes with being a head coach.

“I was one in college (at Kent State). They can have that gig all they want,” he said. “You become a head coach, you become everything but a coach. Especially in college, you’re there speaking to alumni, you’re doing all this stuff, you never coach. And, that’s not why I got into this profession. I watch head coaches even in this league _ there’s just so many other hats that you have to wear. I don’t want to wear those hats. I want to wear this one right out here on the practice field, call defenses and play ball and have fun with the players.”

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