British election pushes anti-immigration party to forefront

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British Prime Minister David Cameron’s ruling Conservative party has suffered a huge election defeat, as Friday parliamentary voting saw the scandal-ridden Liberal Democrat surge to first place.

The election was for seats in Eastleigh. Mr. Cameron’s Conservatives came in third — behind the party that has received widespread attention of late for sex and perjury scandals. Second place went to UK Independence, a right-of-center party that wants Britain to leave the EU, The Telegraph reported. UKIP also supports a crackdown on immigration laws.

The significance of the election is this: It’s a sign of Mr. Cameron’s dwindling influence. Conservative leaders now worry the loss of Eastleigh may bring more party losses in the 2015 general election.

UKIP leaders are celebrating, however, seeing the second place win as a mandate.

It’s “a humongous political shock” to win over the Conservative party, said Diane James, the UKIP candidate, in Newsmax. “It just goes to show that the UKIP message is really resonating with voters. The EU and immigration are the same debate and that’s the message the British public are now beginning to understand.”

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