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Sporting a black T-shirt that read “Heroes Live Forever,” Detective Quinn said he attended because “it’s a brotherhood. We try to support the families and other officers. The officers go through this as well.”

Ken Howard, a 30-year veteran officer and president of the City of Alexandria Retired Police, Fire and Sheriff Association, said he came out to support Officer Laboy’s family.

He said the toughest time for a family of an injured officer is when all the attention stops.

“Everybody else moves on from this, but the family is still dealing with it,” he said. “That’s when it really starts.”

Officer Laboy’s wife, Suzanne, started a journal on the website Caring Bridge, where she’s been regularly posting updates about her husband’s progress. In her first entry on March 1, two days after the shooting, she wrote that when she visited him at the hospital, he was able to hug her.

Some entries express gratitude for the outpouring of support from the community, while others are gentle requests for help in getting her children adjusted to a new life.

In her most recent posts, Ms. Laboy said she’s using English and Spanish flashcards with her husband to help retrain his mind, and that he’s been moved to a smaller room.

“This is a step closer to home,” she wrote.