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Is such presidential guidance the reason why the Obama administration appears to have followed through on the stated intention of Mrs. Clinton to prosecute and jail the maker of that video — with ominous implications for freedom of expression in America?

Unfortunately, even now — six months after the murderous attack in Benghazi — these and many other aspects of this scandal so redolent of the Obama administration’s penchant for putting politics before public safety still cry out for proper investigation.

The current congressional committee structure has proved unable to undertake the necessary accounting, which cuts across various command structures, operational responsibilities and the conduct of numerous agencies, both civilian and military. If anything, the multiple standing House and Senate committees, with their stove-piped jurisdictions, have actually impeded the required, comprehensive determination of the facts.

Consequently, 15 prominent conservatives — many with long experience in national security policymaking and practice — recently called for the creation of a new select committee — at a minimum in the House, but ideally a bicameral one — to get to the bottom of the Benghazigate scandal. It is the only hope for establishing why we were lied to and minimizing the chances that it will happen again, possibly at the cost of far greater loss of American lives.

Frank J. Gaffney Jr. formerly acted as an assistant secretary of defense under President Reagan. He is president of the Center for Security Policy (, a columnist for The Washington Times and host of the syndicated program Secure Freedom Radio.