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Your alma mater probably isn’t going to win: Unless you went to Louisville or Kansas. Have some fun, take some chances. You don’t lose that many points with misses in the early rounds as long as your top dogs stay around. Bet with your head, not with your heart is always sound advice. Just don’t ignore your heart. My heart is with the alma mater, VCU, the “it” team during that 2011 run. The Rams appear to have a favorable draw but they will also have to handle being favorites this year. It’s a different feel. Picking another Final Four run is a reach. Picking the Sweet 16 is not.

The West is wild: Ohio State is probably the safe pick out of that region. There’s no obvious pick and about eight teams that could sneak into the Final Four. Is Belmont this year’s VCU/George Mason? Is Gonzaga a legit No. 1 seed? The West is where you can have the most fun and, maybe, pick up the most points that others won’t get.

Don’t overthink it: Which is exactly what I’m doing now. How much do I love Saint Louis? Am I committed to Louisville? Make up your mind and go and if you’re stuck, figure out which school is closest to your mother’s house. Your odds are just as good that way.