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But Cassata wasn’t taking “both” as an answer. As Rubio was heading in to vote late Tuesday, she grabbed him.

“Florida or Miami?”

“Florida,” Rubio replied.

But as the door was closing, he added, “Hope they “they both end up in the Final Four.”

At least both schools like orange.



Not every school is vying for the favors of politicians, of course. Some have even higher powers in mind.

Little Liberty University, to name one, has ambitions to become for evangelical Christians what Notre Dame already is to Catholics, and BYU to Mormons _ and just like them, a major player on the college sports scene as well.

“The mission of the university is Biblical world view. It probably permeates every class, to some respect,” head coach Dale Layer said ahead of his team’s play-in game against North Carolina A&T in Dayton, Ohio. “We’ve got a medical school being built; we’ve got a law school. You can major in anything.”

As AP sports writer Rusty Miller reported from the scene Monday, Liberty already has a “win-one-for-the-Gipper” tale that Layer can use for his pre-game speech.

The Flames started 0-8, players quit and fans stopped showing up. They finished the season 10-20, then somehow regrouped and won five straight to grab the Big South title and an automatic NCAA bid. Of course, Layer rarely lacks for inspirational material.

“Our team is built upon the culture of Liberty _ not that every player carries a Bible everywhere they go, although some do,” Layer said. “Their head coach does.”



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