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Final score? Richmond 72, Auburn 71.

Richmond, for a time, became known as the king of the upset. It beat Indiana and Georgia Tech in 1988 to reach the Sweet 16. In 1991, in College Park, Richmond became the first No. 15 seed to win a game when it knocked off second-seeded Syracuse.

The Spiders to the Sweet 16. VCU and George Mason to the Final Four. Gonzaga and Butler become household names. Princeton, seeded 16th, with a last-possession chance to beat No. 1 Georgetown in 1989 (I was courtside).

Those stories are why I love this tournament, why I love this weekend and the next two.

I don’t want to say I’m obsessed, but I filled out six brackets and joined one “draft your teams” pool (where my own son drafted my alma mater ahead of me; no excuse for that).

One bracket is the “serious” bracket, made with some thought behind it. In that one, I have Louisville winning the title over Kansas. Ohio State and Miami are the other Final Four teams. One site I visited let you fill out a bracket by pressing a button that said “random.” You hit it and it fills it out for you, with no rhyme or reason.

In that one, Cincinnati beats Temple in the championship game.

Not likely, but it is not unlikely that the random bracket beats out the thoughtful bracket.

No matter, I’m still going to have fun the next three weeks. Now leave me alone. The games are on.