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The basic rights of the American people are assumed to be protected by our government (“Obama’s real gun-control aim,” Web, Feb. 19). When our own government begins to strip us of our basic rights, we know that the one entity we are supposed to be able to trust is turning its back on us.

The new gun-control policies being proposed by President Obama are a blatant attempt to prove that the government is here to protect us. What do they hope to accomplish? Do they want to have a record of every gun owner in the country? Good luck. If we asked everyone in our nation who owned a gun to kindly submit to registration, guess who would submit one? The gangs and drug dealers who use their illegal weapons for their “jobs”? The maniacs who decide to shoot up a school? No. The law-abiding citizens who have every right to own a gun would be the only ones to submit to the government’s outrageous proposals.

Emily Miller’s piece is a very precise and accurate depiction of our country’s current status when it comes to guns. We need to take action by taking no action. The law-enforcement agencies in every state need to refuse these gun-control proposals. The people need to keep their guns close, and when the government introduces a buyback program, it must be ignored.

In a time of violence and corruption, we need to keep our defenses ready. There is no telling what our country will come to next.


El Dorado Hills, Calif.

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