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Legal opinion on the matter is split. Randy Barnett, a Georgetown University Law Center professor, said in an article for the Volokh Conspiracy that, “[I]f any act violates the Origination Clause, it would seem to be the Affordable Care Act.”

But Yale Law School professor Jack M. Balkin said the Obama administration has legal precedent on its side, although the lawsuit “may nevertheless become plausible if enough prominent people get behind it and vouch for it.”

“And then, perhaps, Chief Justice Roberts, given a second chance, will change his mind — again,” Mr. Balkin said in an essay for The Atlantic.

Legal scholars agree on one point: The courts haven’t seen the last of lawsuits against Obamacare.

“The Supreme Court’s ruling last June was only the end of the beginning as far as Obamacare litigation is concerned,” Cato Institute senior fellow Ilya Shapiro said at the February forum. “The more we read and the more regulations are promulgated, the more constitutional and other defects are found.”