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In free-trade negotiations, agriculture is usually one of the trickiest sectors — and it definitely will be the toughest part of any deal with the European Union. In addition to the ban on beef, we also must confront the EU’s politically based resistance to biotech crops.

There is a great price to be paid by all when countries allow nonscientific trade barriers to stay in place. Reduced investment in productivity-enhancing technologies and reduced trade between countries are just the tip of the iceberg. Unless we work together to make sure that politics and perceptions are not allowed to override science, the price for global food security also will go up.

Right now, however, anything looks possible — and anybody who lays eyes on the meat section of a European grocery store will see how much we all have to gain.

Hope Pjesky, a farmer in northern Oklahoma where she raises cattle and wheat, is a board member for Truth About Trade & Technology.