- The Washington Times - Monday, November 25, 2013

China said the United States has no business butting into a territorial dispute it’s having with Japan, and that America better back off making “inappropriate remarks,” Chinese authorities warned.

The warning comes just after China created an “Air Defense Identification Zone” that it claims is simply an early warning system, aimed at defending itself in case of attack.

But the zone drew a sharp rebuke from the United States – the closest ally of Japan, CNN said. Specifically, the United States said the zone would lead to “misunderstanding and miscalculations,” CNN said, citing Secretary of State John Kerry.

The zone creation increases tensions between China and Japan over the islands that are located in the sea — in the midst of the zone.

China called the U.S. remarks as unwarranted, and intrusive.

The United States’ criticism of the new zone is “completely unreasonable,” and constitutes “inappropriate remarks,” said China’s Col. Yang Yujun, a spokesman for the Ministry of National Defense. He also demanded the United States quit making “irresponsible remarks,” CNN reported.

Meanwhile, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has filed a complaint with U.S. Ambassador Gary Locke, asking for the United States “to correct its mistakes immediately,” CNN said.




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