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On average, each divorce involves one child, which makes that family eligible for welfare, Medicaid, food stamps and many other subsidies. Each divorce costs taxpayers $20,000, or $20 billion a year with a million divorces annually.

It’s odd that no-fault divorce laws do not take into account the well-being of children. When no-fault divorce cases arise and children are involved, child-custody hearings and battles can be epic in deciding which spouse gets the children when. Rarely do they take into account what the children want. What if the children do not want their parents to get divorced? Do they get a vote? Social science data show that the best environment for children is living with their married mother and father. With all the blame to go around, the children are certainly not at fault for their parents’ marital problems. They are the true party of no-fault, but under no-fault laws they suffer the most.

While Mr. McAuliffe tries to portray Mr. Cuccinelli’s bill as “extreme” and damaging to women, he seems to ignore the children hurt by divorce. How often do we hear a policy is “for the children”? When a policy can be spun to promote supposed “women’s rights,” though, as Mr. McAuliffe’s ad seems to do, the children are on their own.

Janice Shaw Crouse is author of “Children at Risk” (Transaction, 2010) and “Marriage Matters” (Transaction, 2012).