- The Washington Times - Friday, September 6, 2013

President Obama and the president of China discussed North Korea’s nuclear weapons program Friday during a private meeting at the G-20 summit in Russia.

Mr. Obama met with Chinese President Xi Jinping as world leaders prepared to wrap up their two-day conference in St. Petersburg. White House aides said there was no breakthrough on pressuring North Korea to halt its nuclear program, but the Obama administration is encouraged by China’s cooperation on the subject.

“China has been a cooperative partner in underscoring the importance of denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula,” said Ben Rhodes, White House deputy National Security Council adviser.

Another NSC official, Evan Medeiros, said North Korea must show a willingness to discontinue its nuclear program before China and the U.S. will engage in talks with Pyongyang.

“We don’t support resumption of talks simply for the sake of a resumption of talks,” Mr. Medeiros said. “Until North Korea demonstrates that it’s serious about denuclearization, until it recommits to denuclearization, until it signals that it’s serious about some kind of dialogue or negotiation process, we’re really not interested.”



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