- Associated Press - Wednesday, April 9, 2014

BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) - The North Dakota Highway Patrol is urging motorists to obey the state’s “move over” law after four injury crashes in five months involving patrol vehicles struck by other vehicles.

The law requires motorists to move to a far lane when they encounter an emergency or maintenance vehicle on a multi-lane highway outside city limits, or to reduce speed and proceed with caution if they are unable to move over. Violations can result in a $50 fine and two points assessed to a driving record. Adults have their licenses suspended at 12 points. Drivers under 18 lose their license at six points.

Four patrol vehicles have been struck since late last year while on a traffic stop or while providing traffic control with their emergency lights activated, the agency said. Two of the crashes happened on Interstate 94 and the other two on I-29. The crashes resulted in minor injuries to four patrol troopers and two motorists.

“Drivers need to move over and slow down to create a safe environment,” Col. Jim Prochniak, superintendent of the state patrol, said in a statement Wednesday. “This important law ensures safety for all emergency personnel working along our state’s roads and also the motorists who are traveling by.”