- - Tuesday, August 19, 2014


You have a nasty thug boosting Swisher Sweets from the corner store and roughing up the merchant.

Then, like flies to a barnyard, you have swarms of race pimps breathlessly buzzing to the scene to further fuel the rage and delegitimize the very banner behind which they march.

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Then come the “po-po,” dressed in military gear and riding in tanks of war — all of it the final designs of a big government welfare state that came to power promising to solve all your problems.

This black-clad brute force stings all the more deeply coming from the hand that delivers food stamps, free cell phones and health care for everyone. It is the moment that slaves of the Dependency State learn that government bestows only a false dignity upon them. Indeed, they are despised now more than ever.

Finally arrive the media, swooning to relive Freedom Summer in Selma. But these modern frauds come from such narrow and sheltered lives they don’t know the difference between ear plugs and rubber bullets.

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What could possibly go wrong?

Well, for starters, an unarmed teenager is dead, shot six times by a cop. That is an unspeakable tragedy for his parents, his family and anyone who cares about justice and human life.

Turns out the guy was a bully and a thief and it appears he may have charged the police officer who killed him. But he belonged in jail, not a coffin.

It is entirely possible that the officer felt his life was in jeopardy. But no one with a conscience can argue that the teenager’s life was an appropriate price to pay.

How is it that the very force that exists to “serve and protect” winds up shooting an unarmed teen six times and killing him? It is a question that should haunt every single police chief in the country today.

Another question: How in America have we allowed Andy Griffith — wise, amiable and firm — to morph into a weaponized Rambo — blind, helmeted and sheathed in armor — to turn rogue against us? Even the smallest towns in America now sport tanks, mine-resistant trucks and sophisticated weaponry that emasculates the Second Amendment to the point of protecting individual rights to bear nothing more than peashooters.

In despair, the founders would just shake their heads, knowingly.

And how is it that the media in this free country are so dumb, lazy and dishonest that they portrays the modern “tea party” movement as being somehow racist? Have these people not read five minutes of history? Do they not realize that the very first victims of the militarized police state so feared by tea partyers would be blacks living in urban hotbeds of poverty?

Again, and I am not making this up, look no further than the silly fool playing reporter in Ferguson who actually thought a set of discarded earplugs were rubber bullets fired by police.

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