- - Thursday, February 13, 2014


Marylanders should demand to keep the public education of our children controlled and regulated by the parents, teachers and local and state educational authorities. The federal government is too far removed from our local needs and requirements.

These are things best provided by those closest to the schools and students. One size fits all on a federal level is a pipe dream at best.

I have personally conversed with friends about the horror stories of trying to help their kids with homework owing to the new Common Core curriculum. They explain that owing to the foreign and abstract methods — not what they grew up with — they spend an excessive amount of time trying to help their children, who are even more overwhelmed.

On top of that are the discouraging stories of other states that have tried this system and found it to be a miserable failure, resulting in falling grades and rising mediocrity.

Maryland received funds from the federal government in exchange for adopting Common Core. This went around the process of administrative approval.

Isn’t this collaboration between the federal and state governments a move that excludes the wishes of the people they govern? Marylanders must be feeling less sovereign and more powerless these days.





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