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This is all well and good if the issue at hand truly was a “mistake” delivered by someone of good will. When dealing with partisan liberals, however, neither of those apply.

Arguing for harm to come to someone because you disagree with them is neither a mistake nor an accident. It’s a contemplated idea, cultivated into a message and delivered as an argument. Targeting a toddler for derision because it serves a political agenda isn’t something that mistakenly pops into someone’s head. It springs from an existing loathsome well.

It would be valuable for today’s conservative leadership to recognize that comments like Mr. Bashir’s and Ms. Harris-Perry’s aren’t mistakes — they are public illustrations of what sits at the core of today’s liberalism — hatred, paranoia and cruelty.

We all understand that people in the public arena will be the focus of debate and heated comments. They will be called names and accused of being everything from stupid to even dangerous. Politicians and public figures recognize and accept this is part of the public forum.

What I’m speaking of here is something inherently different. It is a very specific illustration of what American liberalism has become, and it must be confronted.

Mr. Bashir ultimately resigned from his show, while Ms. Harris-Perry still hosts hers. I’ve never been a fan of calling for someone to be fired for that they say, especially when they’ve been hired specifically to speak their mind.

Punishing individuals for having an opinion is the left’s forte.

I love it when the left grabs a microphone and exposes its craven and rotten core. It’s up to conservatives to make sure Americans see it for what it is.

Tammy Bruce is a radio talk-show host, New York Times best-selling author and Fox News political contributor.