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“Nevada is home to many diverse people, including a very large LGBT population. The GOP is by definition a party of inclusion not exclusion. If we as a political party continue to exclude Americans that agree with our core principles of freedom and limited government, how can we expect to attract new candidates or continue to get quality Republican candidates elected?

The Nevada response argued that “Excluding an entire group of American citizens based solely on their sexual preference toward the same gender is not only divisive but in the 21st century it is unacceptable. “

The Nevada state GOP added: “Our goal as Republicans is to have less Government intrusion in our lives, and having our platform reflect that is commendable. Nevada is leading a charge to focus our party on core principles which are shared by a majority of Americans, including the new generation of voters that is looking to us for leadership on the issue of limited government and personal freedom. We as Republicans can choose to become more relevant to this generation of new voters or we can continue down a path of exclusion and continue to lose elections as a result.”

“Republican platform to intrude on the freedoms of any American citizen. Any resources that we spend continuing to push divisive issues will reduce the resources we need for the real fight of electing Republicans that will advocate for our core principles,” the Nevada GOP officials concluded in their email to the national party’s officials.