- The Washington Times - Friday, June 24, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign said Friday that Donald Trump’s response to Britain’s exit from the European Union and the negative impact it has had on global markets is more proof that the presumptive GOP presidential nominee is unfit to be president.

Mr. Trump backed the “Brexit” referendum and reporters Thursday it was a “good thing” that could prove to be a boon for his and other businesses over the long haul. Mrs. Clinton, meanwhile, opposed the move and said the United States must make sure American families are shielded from the economic uncertainty related to the vote.

Jake Sullivan, Mrs. Clinton’s senior policy adviser, said the dueling responses shows that voters have a clear choice in the November election between “steady principled effective leadership” in Mrs. Clinton and a “reckless and erratic ego maniac that could easily drive us off a cliff” in Mr. Trump.

“We believe that American working families are going to see the results of the vote today and really ask themselves whether they are looking for economic uncertainty … or whether they want someone who will be a steady hand at the wheel of the economy,” Mr. Sullivan said in a conference call with reporters.

Mr. Sullivan said, “Every time there is a significant national and global event, Donald Trump proves again that he is temperamentally unfit for the job.”

Mr. Sullivan also pushed back against Mr. Trump’s assertion that there are parallels between the sentiment that has fueled his rise in the 2016 presidential race and Britain’s decision to pull out of the European Union.

“It is really important to recognize that a vote on whether to stay in or leave the EU is profoundly different for who should be president and commander in chief of the United States,” he said.

Speaking to reporters in Scotland earlier in the day, Mr. Trump said similarities do exist between his campaign and the Brexit vote.

“People want to take their country back,” Mr. Trump said.



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