- The Washington Times - Friday, May 6, 2016

A Mississippi security guard is facing aggravated assault charges after police say he shot a man suspected of shoplifting a candy bar.

According to police, managers at Fred’s Store in Canton last month spotted Alvin Gardner on security cameras pocketing a Snickers candy bar, a local ABC News affiliate reported.

They alerted the security guard, Bennie Montgomery, who then followed Mr. Gardner out of the store and fired “warning shots” before shooting the suspect in the back of his right leg, police said.

“You can’t just discharge a firearm at a fleeing suspect. You can’t do that,” Canton Police Chief Otha Brown told ABC News. “The security guard should have known that when the suspect ran out the store, the threat was over. There was no need to discharge a firearm.”

The bullet struck an artery in Mr. Gardner’s leg, causing severe blood loss, police said. He is recovering at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, ABC News reported.



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