- The Washington Times - Thursday, October 6, 2016

President Obama had a 55 percent approval rating in a CNN/ORC poll released Thursday, marking a new second-term high for Mr. Obama in the survey and matching the president’s high water mark since 2009.

Mr. Obama had also hit 55 percent in CNN/ORC surveys in January 2011 and January 2013. The 2013 survey was taken right before his second inauguration.

He had been at 54 percent in a poll taken right after this year’s Democratic National Convention in July, before dipping back down to 51 percent in early September.

Mr. Obama has been at or above 50 percent approval in eight CNN/ORC surveys dating back to February.

Compared to a Sept. 2015 CNN survey, when his overall approval rating stood at 44 percent, Mr. Obama’s approval rating is up 12 points among Democrats, to 89 percent, and up 14 points among independents, to 56 percent.

In the survey released Thursday, 13 percent of Republicans said they approve of how Mr. Obama is handling his job, compared to 11 percent last September.

Among whites, Mr. Obama had a negative 47 percent/52 percent split, but that’s up from a 32 percent/61 percent split from Sept. 2015.

Among nonwhites, his approval rating was 70 percent in the new poll, compared to 68 percent a year ago.



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