- The Washington Times - Thursday, October 6, 2016

Donald Trump’s campaign manager on Thursday said GOP vice presidential nominee Mike Pence turned in a “spectacular” performance at Tuesday’s debate, rejecting Democrats’ contention that Mr. Pence passed up opportunities to defend his running mate’s past statements and positions.

“I understand why they’re desperate to clean up Tim Kaine’s performance. He interrupted 72 times. When he wasn’t interrupting the female moderator, he was just ignoring her pleading with him to stop and answer the question,” Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway said on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

“We’re really happy with Governor Pence’s performance. It was spectacular,” she said. “And it stuck to substance.”

“The fact that he’s on the ticket very proudly tells you all you need to know about how he feels about Donald Trump,” Ms. Conway said.

Mr. Trump and Hillary Clinton are now gearing up for the second presidential debate, to be held Sunday at Washington University in St. Louis in Missouri.

Ms. Conway said Mr. Trump was trying to answer questions as they were asked in the first debate, while Mrs. Clinton was “trying to get out those five or six zingers that she had rehearsed.”

She said Mr. Trump is “very comfortable” with the town hall format of the second debate.

“I think Donald Trump got no credit for being gracious to Secretary Clinton, asking her ‘should I call you Secretary Clinton?’ when she was calling him Donald,” she said.

“At the end, pulling his punches about Bill Clinton and the women and the way Hillary Clinton treated those women — blaming and shaming them in the 1990s when it was revealed her husband was having those affairs,” she said. “He got no credit for being gracious and restrained.”



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