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The Johns Hopkins Hospital is the teaching hospital and biomedical research facility of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, located in Baltimore, Maryland (USA). It was founded using money from a bequest by philanthropist Johns Hopkins. The Johns Hopkins Hospital and the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine are the founding institutions of modern American medicine and are the birthplace of numerous traditions including "rounds", "residents" and "housestaff". The Johns Hopkins Hospital is the birthplace of many medical specialties including neurosurgery, urology, endocrinology, pediatrics, cardiac surgery and child psychiatry. It has been ranked by U.S. News and World Report as the best overall hospital in America for 20 consecutive years.The hospital's main medical campus in East Baltimore is served by the easternmost station on the Baltimore Metro Subway. - Source: Wikipedia

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  • ** FILE ** In this 2009 file photo, renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson of Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore says his frustration with insurance companies' draconian billing systems nearly made him leave the medical profession. (Peter Lockley/The Washington Times)

    Conservative Dr. Ben Carson speech upstages Obama at prayer breakfast

    Move over President Obama. Conservatives are not talking so much about the president's address at Thursday's National Prayer Breakfast, but rather remarks from Dr. Benjamin Carson, a black pediatric neurosurgeon with Johns Hopkins Hospital who took over the stage for 25 riveting minutes.

  • Soldier looks forward to driving with new arms

    A soldier who lost all four limbs in a roadside bombing in Iraq says he's looking forward to driving and swimming with new arms after undergoing a double-arm transplant.

  • Soldier with new arms determined to be independent

    After weeks of round-the-clock medical care, Brendan Marrocco insisted on rolling his own wheelchair into a news conference using his new transplanted arms. Then he brushed his hair to one side.

  • Hep C cases linked to NH hospital worker rise

    Five more people have been diagnosed with the same strain of hepatitis C a former traveling hospital worker is accused of spreading through tainted needles, bringing the total to 44 in four states.

Registered nurse Kudi Asafa checks a patient Monday at the Washington Hospital Center in Northwest. Ms. Asafa, a clinical specialist living in the District, works in the Cardiac Services Unit. The economic downturn of the past few years has only temporarily eased the nation's shortage of nurses.

    With nurse shortage looming, America needs shot in the arm

    At a time when many Americans are in desperate need of a job, the field of nursing will soon be in desperate need of Americans.

Members of a Baltimore County SWAT team take up positions at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore on Thursday after a man shoots a doctor during a consultation. The surgeon survived but the gunman killed his ailing mother and himself in a hospital room before the standoff of more than two hours ended.

    Gunman wounds surgeon at Johns Hopkins

    A man who became distraught as he was being briefed on his mother's condition by a surgeon at Johns Hopkins Hospital pulled a gun and shot the doctor Thursday, then killed his mother and himself in her room at the world-famous medical center, police said.

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