- The Washington Times - Sunday, April 23, 2000

Column throws the baby out with the bath water


Although Wesley Pruden has taken up the South’s cause numerous times in an effective and humorous way, he crossed the line with respect to Abraham Lincoln and his views on race.

Mr. Pruden paints Lincoln as a racist. If one is to judge another, then the one judged should be judged in the context of the time he lived. Lincoln abolished slavery in a nation that was less than 100 years old and that grew and benefited from this terrible practice. The economy of about half the states in the Union depended upon slavery. The emancipation and related actions Lincoln took to keep this country together speak louder than any words.

It is never pretty when a Southerner’s bitterness surfaces over what he could have had. The right side won.



Columnist’s ‘Pay as you earn’ plan a good idea


I find it difficult to refrain from inflammatory rhetoric in discussing the outrage that is income-tax withholding. The column “Pay as you earn” by Kenneth Smith (Op-Ed, April 13) is right on the money.

Besides withholding, I pay quarterly estimated taxes, too. It’s a bad joke when no federal budget office seems to be able to arrive at correct projections, but taxpayers are expected to do so.

Income taxes are not the only taxes people pay. The numbers I see for total taxes paid never add them all up. But I do. I can assure you that 70 percent to 75 percent of my income goes to taxes. I don’t think I’m alone in this.

There are many organizations devoted to ameliorating this barbarous tax situation, but I can’t feel hopeful that the situation ever will get better. Congress couldn’t even bring itself to suspend 4 cents worth of gas tax this month.




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