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Readers express outrage over INS tactic in Elian case

As the Clinton administration and the liberals in Congress continue to attack the Second Amendment (the personal right to keep and bear arms), the reality of their agenda has become blatantly obvious since the Miami attack to remove Elian Gonzalez from his relatives’ house. We the people oops, I mean we the commoners must obey the dictators (i.e., the Clinton administration and the liberals) or be prepared for the jackbooted thugs (the Clinton Gestapo) to conduct an armed raid against our families and children.

This is the same government that released convicted terrorists into our midst for the perceived political benefit of Hillary Rodham Clinton. This is the same administration that burned to death 80 people, including 24 children, in Waco. This is the same administration that has lied repeatedly to the citizens of this country. Now the Clinton-Gore administration wants to disarm law-abiding citizens, claiming it is for “the children.”

The Clinton-Gore administration has used more lies in this campaign. It claims 13 children a day die from gun violence. This distortion includes “kids” 19 and younger. Most of these so-called “kids” are gang members killing each other in gang disputes. The fact is, more children under the age of 5 die by drowning in mop buckets than are killed by gun violence or accidents. The fact is, you are 80 times more likely to be killed by a doctor’s mistake than to be killed by a gun in the United States. The fact is, where there is easy access to firearms by law-abiding citizens, there is less crime. The District is a perfect example, with the highest per capita murder rate in the United States and the strictest gun control. Cross the river into Arlington, where concealed-carry laws are lax, and the murder rate is one of the lowest in the United States.

Mr. Clinton recently slipped and made the following statement, which depicts his true feelings about “the children”: “[O]ur cause has been aided by the deaths of all these children in all these schools, and in other settings. And I think we should pay tribute to them.” His “cause”: to subvert the Constitution of the United States, which has worked for more than 200 years. It has nothing to do with public safety or “the children.”

We should all be very fearful of a government that conducts a terrorist act against its own citizens and then cries for more gun control. Only quick action by the citizens of this country can save our fragile liberty.


Lodi, Calif.


Shame on Janet Reno, shame on Bill Clinton, shame on this government for sending its jackbooted thugs in full riot gear and carrying automatic weapons to smash into the home of an American citizen and kidnap a sleeping child who had just observed Good Friday with loving relatives.

Just like 2,000 years ago, the Judases we call our elected officials plotted through the night to betray an innocent, negotiating on the phone with family representatives in bad faith as they were sending agents to smash down doors in the pre-dawn hours and take away a screaming child. Kendall Coffey, an attorney for the Miami relatives, said, “[W]e were in the middle of negotiations when they battered the door.” I hope attorney Greg Craig enjoys his 30 pieces of silver.

Tell me, someone please tell me, just what the difference is between communist dictatorship and this supposed land of the free? Attorney General Janet Reno explained the armed thuggery by citing fears that there might be weapons in the crowd or in the home, the same sort of excuse she used to justify Waco and the deaths of two dozen children at the hands of her federal agents. As at Waco, she expressed concern that the child was being traumatized and abused. Is it not child abuse to take a child screaming, “Don’t take me” with a gun pointed in his face on Easter weekend?

Rule of law? Is that the name given to at least 20 federal agents ramming through a fence, firing tear gas, taking a frightened, half-asleep child out of the arms of Donato Dalrymple, the fisherman who saved his life on Thanksgiving Day? He said agents told him, “Give me the boy or I’ll shoot you.” Maria Elena Quesada, who was at the home, said Elian was screaming “Help me, help me, don’t take me away” in Spanish.

Elian might as well be sent back to a communist dictatorship where families have no rights and children have no freedom. There’s no difference anymore.




Janet Reno gets full credit for one thing. When Bill Clinton says “jump,” she asks, “how high?” If President Clinton’s public statements the other day demanding the reunion of Juan Miguel Gonzalez with his son Elian and Miss Reno’s almost immediate Gestapo tactics to seize the boy Saturday don’t tell the public who the lap dog is, nothing ever will. The ever-present and corruptive incest going on between the Clinton administration and the Justice Department and the tacit acceptance by the press to ignore this disgusting relationship defies imagination.

Miss Reno’s decisions led to the burning of 80 people at Waco because of alleged child abuse. Even Mr. Clinton admits from under her skirt that the decision to burn them in order to spare them was her solution. Now she wants to be the credible authority on fathers’ rights. After Waco, Miss Reno will never have the moral authority to make any such pronouncements, no matter how willing the press is to hand her a stage void of any probing dissent. Mr. Clinton is much the same. Any husband and father who has treated his wife and daughter the way he has exempts himself from making moral judgments on any parent-child relationship. Mr. Clinton’s adulterous behavior shows him to be oblivious to his role as a father and totally insensitive to the emotional well-being of a daughter in the public eye. They may have the strong arm of the law to push people around, but they remain the consummate hypocrites.

Let the pictures of the INS raid tell the story because there are too many communist sympathizers on television to bear listening to anymore. The face of Elian’s drowning mother, who gave her life to float her son to freedom, must have borne the same tragic features displayed by our Blessed Mother as she witnessed the Crucifixion. Their pained faces are not recorded on film. But the wicked, smiling face of the INS agent clutching a terrified and screaming Elian is and lifts a veil from the degree of evil driving the Clinton administration as it runs its course to placate Fidel Castro’s communist Cuba. There is no price too high for someone to pay for Mr. Clinton’s contrived legacy. Representative democracy has become morally equivalent to communism. Little Elian, Mr. Clinton’s pawn, is in the maw of communism. The guardian angel who accompanied Elian on his miraculous journey to America had better call in reinforcements. Mr. Clinton and Miss Reno, far more dangerous than sharks, have the boy.



Get the government out of my car

Thank you for your article on the stupidity of air bags. I know our family probably is unusual, but since 1970, we have all used our seat belts every time we have gotten into a vehicle. My husband and I have been in separate accidents in which the vehicles in which we were driving were demolished, but we escaped with very little injury (bruising). In each case, the emergency medical technicians and law enforcement officials on the scene stated that the seat belts had saved our lives. Fortunately, in each case, the vehicle was a truck that did not have an air bag. I say “fortunately” because I was involved in a fender bender in a car with a driver’s-side air bag, and the only injuries sustained by anyone involved in that minor bump were second-degree burns on both of my arms from the air-bag surface as a result of the heat generated by the expanding gas within the air bag.

I have never heard anything mentioned about this particular “feature” of air bags. I am offended by the continued arrogance of government officials who insist we are too stupid to know or do what is “good” for us, so we must be “protected” against our will. I will continue to fight to remove people from public office, and thereby also remove their political appointees, who support issues of this type and who fight to make it illegal to make your own decisions about your own property (i.e., a switch to disable air bags). But why should we be surprised about governmental disinterest in the number of children being killed by air bags? These are the same people who support full-fledged murder of full-term babies by sucking out their brains and cutting them apart so money can be made from their organs and DNA and the same ones who think nothing of shooting a young boy in the woods at Ruby Ridge or burning young children to death at Waco. They have no interest in the safety of children, only how much more control they can gain over the life of every American.


Independence, Mo.

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