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Whales yes, babies no

"Increasing numbers of people are putting a harmful burden on the planet's resources, media mogul Ted Turner told a University of Idaho forum [Friday] …
"Turner said Friday that he first got involved in environmental issues by supporting efforts to save whales.
" 'If we stopped killing the whales, maybe we can stop killing each other,' he said… .
"Turner blames the world's troubles in part on the rapid growth of the human race… .
" 'The more of us there are, and the more stuff we use, the more impact we have,' he said.
"But the birthrate is dropping as more people learn about family planning, Turner said.
" 'Most people like to have sex, but you can have sex without having babies,' he said."
From an Associated Press story in Monday's Salt Lake Tribune

Feminist minority

"One of the most popular [Feminist Expo 2000] events on Saturday was probably a star-studded panel on 'Feminism and Popular Culture.' Moderated by Peg Yorkin, board chairman of the Feminist Majority, it drew an overflow crowd later that afternoon.
In a ballroom filled with mainly college-age women, six highly successful Hollywood writers and actresses lamented the rampant sexism in the entertainment industry that 'marginalized' women.
"Laura Dern, resplendent with her long, blonde hair, but identified in the official program with the gender-neutral 'actor,' blasted the 'fashion industry' for enforcing unrealistic standards of beauty… .
"Declared [Eleanor] Smeal: 'We are everywhere.' Who is the we? As both men and women who have run afoul of feminist orthodoxy can readily attest, feminists regularly use the coercive (and undemocratic) power of courts and federal agencies to enforce their will. Feminist majority? More like tyranny of the minority."
Evan Gahr, writing on "Feminist Majority Rule," posted April 13 on the American Spectator on line (www.spectator.org).

Useful idiots

"Back in 1962, Fidel Castro was surely saddened when his Soviet overseers rejected his suggestion that they launch nuclear missiles from Cuba at the United States… .
"While Fidel never got to experience the joy of watching millions of Americans perish in a nuclear holocaust, he can find some satisfaction in the knowledge that a few of those spared that awful fate have gone on to serve him dutifully in Bill Clinton's White House.
"Take Janet Reno. The attorney general … is so 'preoccupied' with sending Elian back to Castro that she works 14-hour days at the Justice Department to make it possible. Or Greg Craig. The president's impeachment lawyer hustled the Cuban government for the opportunity to represent Elian's father, Juan Miguel, here in the United States.
"And then there's Irwin Redlener, the pediatrician and former member of Mrs. Clinton's White House Task Force on Health Care Reform. Dr. Redlener has diagnosed little Elian as a victim of psychological abuse at the hands of his American relatives. Never mind that Redlener has never actually met Elian… .
"On April 15, at the Cuban diplomatic mission in Washington, D.C., America got a glimpse of how Juan Miguel's hosts deal with dissent. Annoyed by a crowd of Cuban-American protesters, a group of 15 men inside the mission ran outside and pummeled the demonstrators so severely that several required treatment at a local hospital… .
"Not that Dr. Redlener will take note. Like Janet Reno and Greg Craig, he is a diligent minion of Castro's totalitarianism a 'useful idiot,' as Lenin once called his Western accomplices."
Chris Weinkopf, writing on "Useful Idiots Hard at Work," Monday in Front Page at www.frontpagemag.com

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