- The Washington Times - Thursday, April 27, 2000

'Everlasting disgrace'

"It is the everlasting disgrace of the Clinton administration that it has chosen to betray America's heritage as a beacon of freedom, and instead to act as the ally and agent of a police state in retrieving one of its prisoners. To accomplish this, the Clinton administration and its willing servants have behaved like the very police state whose interests they are defending.

"They have resorted to Orwellian doublespeak (Clinton the perjurer: 'The rule of law has got to be upheld. If we don't do it here, where do we stop?'; Reno the storm trooper: 'Elian is precious … he needs quiet time.')

"They have used deception and brute force, and secrecy to protect their deceptions. When Elian was in free Miami, the press had total access; now that he is in the clutches of the U.S. government, he is incommunicado. Cuban intelligence agents can see him; his cousin, Marisleysis, who cared for him for the last five months after his mother's death, cannot.

"They have demonized a decent, law-abiding immigrant family, whose members had suffered in Castro's jails, and who came to America to seek refuge from his grotesque tyranny and the horrific poverty he has imposed on his nation.

"It is a grievous day for America when the refugees from oppression are painted as oppressors and treated as enemies by the government they believed would protect them, and when the tyrant who had oppressed them praises these actions as noble deeds."

David Horowitz, writing on "Shame on Janet Reno," Tuesday in the on-line magazine Salon at www.salon.com

Republican rap

"The Republican Party's biggest problem is that it isn't hip. GOP-ers who think it is probably think the word 'hip' is still hip. It isn't.

"Today, it's hip-hop, the rap culture lifestyle, that's in. And Republicans need to follow the hip-hop lead of Don Kennedy and Rocco Gotti, if they ever expect to be the majority party of today's youth, tomorrow's voters.

"Gotti and Kennedy … spend over $100,000 of their own money to produce 'Racism Exposed,' a rap CD with songs like, 'Gun Control Is Racist' …

"And they hired 28-year-old … rapper, Shoanna Z, to belt out the raps they wrote… .

"And the lyrics are awesome. For example: 'Tax the rich? What a scam! When a brother makes it, liberals make him pay the man.' …

" 'Democrats know they have minorities pinned under their thumb and mired in poverty. We're tired of it, and we were willing to put up $100,000 for the cause,' [they said]."

Debbie Shlussel, writing on "Ain't No Jive Bro," in Tuesday's Jewish World Review at www.jewishworldreview.com

Changed by fame

"Except for a couple of interviews last winter, timed to the release of a Guns n' Roses live album, and a 1998 Phoenix arrest, [singer Axl] Rose has remained out of public view since 1994, when G n' R coughed and spat to a halt… . Rose spends most of his time in Los Angeles recording studios and behind the gate of his secluded estate atop a hill in the Latigo Canyon section of Malibu… .

"The image that emerges is one of a complicated man who can be sensitive and funny, but who is also controlling and obsessive and troubled, a man changed by fame and wracked by childhood trauma who faces a lonely future surrounded by a small circle of family members and childhood friends. 'His world is very insular,' says [manager] Doug Goldstein. 'He doesn't like very many people.'

"Axl is a man struggling with demons and taking radical measures to overcome them. He became deeply involved in past-life regression, a brand of psychotherapy that exists on the New Age fringe. 'Axl,' a friend says, 'is looking for anything that'll give him happiness.' "

Peter Wilkinson, writing on "Axl Rose: The Lost Years," in the May 11 issue of Rolling Stone

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