- The Washington Times - Monday, September 30, 2002

Mellowing out
"Don't blame Dustin Hoffman if he's acting a little funny these days. He's pretty sure he's going through male menopause. Now that he's a ripe 65 certain hormones are leveling off a bit.
"'I was talking about testosterone,' the veteran actor explains. 'I know what it is for men and I know what it has been for me and, unfortunately, from the time of puberty, it so controls you. There is no defense against it.'
"But now, he says, he's more interested in flowers and birds than in the birds and bees.
"'Whether it's like male menopause or whatever it's called, there is a climate change inside you,' he explains. 'It has happened to me. It is as if you are being directed by a higher power. Why do I have a need to cook now? Why do I have a need to go outside and really stare at flowers? Why do I have a desire to garden?'"
Amy Reiter, writing on "Nothing Personal," Thursday in Salon at www.salon.com

Not her place
"On July 26 in Lexington, Ky., Brooke Verity gave birth to quadruplets. The father of the children was Michael Meehan, who plans to raise the children with his homosexual partner, Thomas Dysarz.
"The Sept. 14 headline in the Lexington Herald-Leader ignores basic human biology by proclaiming, 'First-Ever Quadruplets Born to Gay Male Parents.'
"Verity met the couple in 2001 as a customer of the beauty salon the homosexual couple owns and operates.
"Verity has already said she plans to give birth to more children for the couple, this time with Dysarz as the father. If so, this would be the fourth pregnancy for the 23-year-old Verity.
"Verity gave birth to a son and married the father when she was 18. In 1998, Verity gave birth to twins, then filed for divorce two years later.
"Once chosen by Meehan and Dysarz to be their surrogate mother, the single mother of three was injected every day for three months with fertility drugs.
"Verity tells about the baby shower, where she, hugely pregnant, sits off to the side and watches the homosexual men open baby presents. She also tells of the anguish she experienced after the birth of the quads.
"'I didn't want to leave them,' she said about watching the four 3-pound newborns in the neonatal intensive care unit. 'They were sick, and it's a mother's instinct to be with your babies when they are sick. But it wasn't my place this time.'"
Martha Kleder, writing on "Homosexual-Raised Quadruplets, Lesbian Fertility Clinic Advance 'Babies-To-Go' Culture," in the Sept. 18 issue of the Culture and Family Report

Birkenstock right
"I confessed that I was a Birkenstocked Burkean in a National Review Online essay, and talked about how displaced I felt as a conservative who liked both Rush Limbaugh and Garrison Keillor. My in-box quickly filled up with literally hundreds of replies from across the country, nearly all of them saying, 'Me too!'
"There was the pro-life vegetarian Buddhist Republican who wanted to find somebody to discuss the virtues of George W. Bush. An interracial couple, political conservatives and converts to Eastern Orthodoxy, wrote to say they loved shaking up the prejudices of liberal friends at their organic co-op.
"'I used to listen to Rush while driving around following the Grateful Dead!' someone wrote. A Washington lawyer concurs. 'I think a large number of people embrace leftist politics exactly because they associate them with attractive positions on quality-of-life issues or more succinctly, people vote Democratic not because the Democratic agenda makes any sense but because they want to eat fresh vegetables.'"
Rod Dreher, writing on "Crunchy Cons," in the Sept. 30 issue of National Review

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