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Partisan property

Six Washington-area lawyers contacted us yesterday morning to say they’d be happy to file suit against landlord Peter Kelley, who in a letter published in this column cited a prospective tenant’s Republican affiliation when rejecting the soon-to-be intern’s request for housing.

“I assume someone will inform Mr. Kelley about the fair-housing laws,” says Michael D. Garabedian of Garabedian Properties in Colleyville, Texas, adding: “As a partisan [Republican], I have had the privilege of building a home for a top aide to Al Gore. We agree on almost nothing, but she and her husband were good, decent folks and a pure joy to know and work with.

“I would be curious if I had refused to do her job or charged her more because of her position, how quick I would get a letter from her lawyer.”

Mr. Kelley could not be reached for comment yesterday, but his letter to the parents of a University of Georgia student who, starting in September, will intern for Rep. John Linder, Georgia Republican, generated a tremendous reaction from our readers.

Searching for housing for their son, Chuck and Linda Moseley of Snellville, Ga., wrote a polite letter to Mr. Kelley, of the Loj rental, inquiring about room availability.

Mr. Kelley wrote back and said that he is “usually very encouraging of young people doing congressional internships and staying here while they do them.”

“However, I do have to say that … as someone personally quite alarmed about the direction that Congress and the president are taking with the environment, I have concerns about Rep. Linder’s record.”

The landlord cited, among other things, the lawmaker’s vote not to prohibit drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

“I would not feel right about having someone stay at our place who was working to advance views such as these, which I believe amount to abandoning our responsibility to future generations. And so I must decline your request for a room here,” Mr. Kelley wrote.

Thankful Catholics

A final word on the spirited, if not angry, exchange between Rep. James P. Moran, Virginia Democrat, and his parish priest, the Rev. Michael Dobbins, on the issue of abortion.

Catholic priests at Blessed Sacrament Church in Alexandria, speaking from the pulpit, have been critical of Catholic politicians like Mr. Moran — among dozens on Capitol Hill, the majority of them Democrats — who oppose the church’s position on abortion.

Such a homily did not sit well with Mr. Moran — who said as much after a recent Mass to Father Dobbins.

“As a cradle Catholic, I’ve been waiting to read about a story like this for so long,” writes Curt Biele, of Edgerton, Wis., one of dozens of readers to weigh in. “Politicians who think they can throw their weight around in the Catholic Church, while publicly rejecting its teachings on faith and morals have a wake-up call.

“Rev. Bryan Belli and Rev. Michael Dobbins are my kind of priests, the kind I remember from my youth growing up in the 1950’s and 60’s. If I ever get to Alexandria, I’m going to attend Mass at Blessed Sacrament Church, and be thankful that I am a Catholic.”

Cat fight

Who better than a group of women to combat feminist activism and hatred of males?

The Independent Women’s Forum is undertaking a major expansion and commitment of financial resources toward combating feminist judicial activism and campus indoctrination.

“N.O.W. [the National Organization for Women] and other extreme feminists have been smart — rebuffed by public opinion and legislative bodies, they have worked hard to make their agenda into law by taking their pleas to activist, liberal judges who are willing to write law from the bench,” says IWF President Nancy M. Pfotenhauer.

“And they have permeated college campuses to such a degree that they have successfully killed intellectual diversity — college students with differing views are routinely intimidated into silence.”

The IWF’s forays onto the American campus, she says, “have connected us with countless bright young women frustrated by rigid feminist propaganda of male hatred and female victimhood.”

Straight, Bush high

The “Iraqi Most Wanted” playing cards have met their match — President Bush, the newest ace of spades.

GreatUSAflags.com, exclusive distributor of the “official” Iraqi cards, has introduced a new deck honoring the U.S. military heroes of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Besides Mr. Bush, the new photo-filled deck honors top military brass and servicemen and women alike, as well as aircraft, ships, vehicles and missiles deployed in battle.

A special Golden Ace tribute card honors all of the armed forces.

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