- The Washington Times - Monday, April 26, 2004

What do President Bush, deceased Hamas founder Ahmed Yassin and his short-lived successor, Abdel Aziz Rantisi, have in common? According to a Jewish acquaintance, they all hate Jews. Despite charter membership in the endangered species club, in their frenetic zeal to hate Mr. Bush, some Jews are acting to undermine the one man with the courage to destroy our would-be annihilators. The president is ravaged for his perceived views on social issues. Incomprehensibly, some even defend those who have sworn to kill us all. Many Jewish liberals are drawn together by a singular hatred for the president — a loathing that is hypocritical, misguided and self-destructive.

While it was acceptable for liberal Democrats Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton to practice Christianity, Jewish liberals hunker down, awaiting the Bush/Ashcroft conversion police. Jewish liberals devalue the president’s religion — his love for Jesus is deemed to be inconsistent with the presidency. Christian conservatives love freedom, embrace the Holy Land and adhere to the Bill of Rights — which guarantees religious freedom. With vicious assaults on conservative Christianity, Jewish liberals, a group supposedly devoted to diversity, act with hypocrisy. But whom should Jews be more wary of? When was the last time a conservative Christian blew up a synagogue filled with worshippers? Did a conservativeChristian slaughter a Jewish journalist on video? Has Mr. Bush ever proclaimed that the Jews control the world as the former (Muslim) Malaysian prime minister recently did?

Jewish liberals accuse the president of neglecting the United Nations. That a Jew-hating fascist dictatorship like Syria held a seat on the Security Council conveniently is ignored. Many U.N. member states are dictatorial, shelter Jew-hating terrorists and are more dedicated to the eradication of Jews than the well-being of their own people. Liberal Jewish support of this corrupt organization is unconscionable. If Israel, a symbol of freedom and Jewry, had submitted to the twisted will of each bigoted U.N. resolution, it would no longer exist.

Many Jewish liberals shamefully opposed the war with Iraq. I figured that the leader of any sovereign nation who ponied up $25,000 for incinerating Jews eventually would come after me and other freedom-lovers. Saddam Hussein’s support for Palestinian terrorism and missile strikes on Israel should have been enough to rally Jewish liberals around Mr. Bush. After all, a Jew is a Jew regardless of point of view. Without Saddam, no missiles will rain down on Tel Aviv and suicide bombers — now fewer in number — will have to slaughter the innocent for free.

Jewish liberals hate the president for his Mideast policies. Preoccupied with solving root causes of conflict with money or concessions, appeasing Jewish liberals ignore history’s failings — such misguided “solutions” are akin to coddling tyranny and are detrimental to our survival.

The billions of dollars that flowed into Gaza have transformed this corrupt, Jew-hating, thug-infested wasteland into an even more corrupt, Jew-hating, thug-infested wasteland. Israel has a proportional September 11 nearly every day. But many self-loathing Jewish liberals express outrage when the president refuses to condemn Israel for protecting its citizens from slaughter. He knows that as goes Israel, so goes the rest of the free world — liberal Jews everywhere take notice.

Unlike past syrupy, nation-dismantling attempts to achieve peace, Mr. Bush supports real peace. Just as Western antiwar demonstrators convinced Saddam that war would not come, thus hardening his position, so too unwitting liberal Jewish collusion enables Palestinians to continue their downward spiral into despair, nihilism and child murder.

Jewish liberals hate the president because they say he is stupid. Yet, simultaneously he has conspired cleverly to deceive his way through Florida and beyond. In a few years, this shrewd idiot has completely ruined the world. Mr. Bush has also made Islamist militants angry. But Islamist extremists have had us in their sights for decades. Jewish liberals loath the Patriot Act, yet their free-speech rights have obviously not been stifled. Oh, I also have heard that Mr. Bush hates Jews. I might note that his administration is loaded with Jews — just the wrong kind.

Liberal Jewish hatred is badly misdirected. I support any action that will destroy Islamist terror. Inexplicably, Jewish liberals gave a free pass to John Kerry, who could not decide if the unholy marriage of Muqtada al-Sadr to Hamas and Hezbollah constituted a terrorist alignment. Mr. Kerry’s equivocations are bad for America, bad for Jews and bad for the world. A president guided by depth of conviction, not the shallowness of world opinion, has my vote. Historically, Jews have ignored warnings to our detriment. Unless the war against true Jew-haters is successful, our differences in social policy will be meaningless. It is hoped, real missiles will continue to rain down on evil while the political missiles will bounce off this president — the best friend in the White House the Jews have ever had.

Dr. Marcus J. Goldman, a psychiatrist, is the author of “The Joy of Fatherhood.”

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