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Birthday bash

Democrats are planning to bash President Bush on his upcoming 58th birthday. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s online operation sent an e-mail to supporters this week, telling them to compose simple, three-line haiku poems about Mr. Bush, who the DCCC refers to as “the GOP’s own bumbling wonder.”

The haikus will be collected and delivered to Mr. Bush on his birthday, July 6.

“This July 6th will be a big day for would-be superheroes. Burt Ward, known for his role as ‘Boy Wonder’ in the ‘Batman’ TV series, turns 59. Ned Beatty, who played archvillain Lex Luthor’s bumbling sidekick Otis in the Superman movies, will be 67,” Steve Olson of DCCC’s Online Operations writes in the e-mail.

“On that same day, George W. Bush, the GOP’s own bumbling wonder, will turn 58 — with your help, we can make sure it will be his final birthday in the White House, and one he won’t soon forget.”

Mr. Olson urges supporters to “go nuts” and includes a sample haiku in the e-mail:

President Dubya

Fed Halliburton too well

Now Crawford awaits.

Conservative target

The nation’s leading pro-choice group is trying to dig up information on a White House aide they believe to be President Bush’s liaison to conservative and Christian groups.

NARAL Pro-Choice America sent a request to the administration yesterday, under the Freedom of Information Act, for a full accounting of the activities of Bush adviser Timothy Goeglein. A NARAL press release says Mr. Goeglein was described in Monday’s New York Times as “the official White House liaison to conservatives and to Christian groups,” and Karl Rove’s “legman on the right.”

“We’ve always known that responding to the far right’s concerns was priority one in George Bush’s White House, so it only makes sense that it would require at least one full-time staffer,” said Elizabeth Cavendish, NARAL’s interim president. “But if the president is going to use a public employee to foment activism against women’s rights, we should at least have the right to know what he is up to. It’s time for the White House to stop stonewalling, respect the law, and let us see just how deeply involved anti-choice groups are in making national policy.”

NARAL requested information on other top White House officials in January to review their schedules and determine “how closely involved anti-choice groups have been in major administration decisions,” the NARAL press release explains. Because they haven’t received a reply, NARAL also sent letters Tuesday to the administration telling them they are violating federal law by not responding.

The NARAL press release says that — according to “a variety of public accounts” — Mr. Goeglein has used his White House job “to further a career of aggressive and vocal advocacy for eliminating the right to choose. Last year, speaking to a ‘Celebration of Life’ event hosted by Lutherans for Life, he described abortion rights as ‘a cancer within our country.’”

Replacing Kerry

Democrats in Massachusetts are trying to prevent Republican Gov. Mitt Romney from being able to appoint a replacement for Democratic Sen. John Kerry if he is elected president this fall.

The Democrat-dominated Massachusetts House Tuesday gave preliminary approval to legislation that would strip Mr. Romney of the power to appoint a successor to Mr. Kerry, the Associated Press reported.

Instead, the bill would require a special election within 160 days after a vacancy is created, with the winner serving the remainder of Mr. Kerry’s term, ending in 2008.

“The issue has national implications in the narrowly divided U.S. Senate, with Republicans eager to pick up one of Massachusetts’ two Senate seats and Democrats eager to hold on to Kerry’s office,” the AP reports.

The Massachusetts Senate approved the measure last week. Before making its way to the governor’s desk, the bill will go back to the Senate and then to the House again for final approval.

Mr. Romney adamantly opposes the bill and will probably veto it or send it back with amendments, according to the AP.

“Why is this such a pressing issue? Ahh, because it’s politics. It’s all politics. Heaven forbid the governor gets to make an appointment,” Republican state Rep. George Peterson said in the AP story.

Veep Hillary?

“Official Washington and the entire press corps will be rocked when Hillary Rodham Clinton is picked as Kerry’s VP and a massive love fest will begin,” a “top Washington insider,” tells the Drudge Report, on the condition that he not be named.

“All the signs point in her direction,” the Drudge Report was told by the insider. “It is the solution to every Kerry problem.”

In the Drudge Report story, the insider goes on to say: “The Democrats feel like health care is the domestic issue. But how to make it the dominant topic of conversation — break through war and terrorism? Hillary Clinton. She catapults it out front with her commission. She tried to provide health care before and the Republicans in Congress attacked her and her husband and used a bunch of scandals dirty tricks [sic] to stop it ….”

“The Democrats’ economic plan is to say … we must get back to the Clinton Era when 22 million jobs were created.”

On top of all that, the insider tells Drudge, “Official Washington and national media will fall in love with the idea immediately letting Kerry/Clinton dominate the news through July and up to the Republican convention. She will say she is doing it for the good of the country. I am convinced this is going to happen.”

He argues it is a win-win strategy for Mrs. Clinton because if Mr. Bush is re-elected, then she is the nominee for 2008 because Mr. Kerry will be blamed. And if the Kerry/Clinton ticket wins, Mrs. Clinton becomes the first female vice president of the United States, “which would help her become the first woman president.”

‘Devouring’ Dubya

In the July 5 issue of the the left-wing magazine the Nation, an ad on the back page by Pleasevote.com depicts President Bush eating a headless child. The ad gives no explanation, and the Web site pleasevote.com — which displays the same image — only says the image is based on Francisco de Goya’s “Saturn Devouring one of his Children.” The site, which says it is “a call to vote the Bush administration out of office,” encourages people to download the image free and, “alert friends and interested parties to its availability.”

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