- The Washington Times - Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration is not awarding driver’s licenses to illegal aliens in a timely fashion, according to a government-funded advocacy group that has filed a lawsuit in Baltimore Circuit Court.

This is as it should be in a state that has rolled out a welcome mat to the illegal aliens streaming across the Rio Grande. Maryland is one of the favored destinations of illegal aliens because the state aims to show its pronounced level of multiculturalism.

All this is symptomatic of a nation that has lost its way, of politicians who lack the spine to enforce our laws, of the loony left who traffic in their smug superiority.

Maryland’s MVA is not being fair to illegal aliens, says CASA of Maryland. Worse, the agency is not as Spanish-friendly as it should be, according to CASA.

The hope here is that Maryland eventually gets with the illegal-alien program and adopts Spanish as its official language. This is the fitting destiny of the X-rated Cucumber State, where politicians and law enforcement agencies ignore the fundamental laws to the peril of everyone.

The city should have an interest in the upside-down goings-on of Maryland, if only because the District remains one of Osama bin Laden’s go-to targets. Our open-border policy is not just a drain on our resources. It is a threat to our national security.

We only can imagine how Washington will respond to a terrorist attack. And there will be an attack, which then will motivate the gasbags on Capitol Hill to form committees and ask questions and blah, blah, blah.

But no one is asking the tough questions now. Democratic windbag Harry Reid is trying to explain why he voted for the war in Iraq. It is pitiful, isn’t it? Our lawmakers, Republicans and Democrats alike, have abdicated one of their principal responsibilities, which is to protect the citizenry. Theirs is a systematic failure at all levels of government.

CASA and the ninnies of Maryland can play their silly games. But there will be a price to pay, and it won’t be just the proliferation of MS-13, the gang scourge that has taken root in previously tranquil suburban Maryland.

No, it will be the Islamic nut jobs who mean us harm, who act with the kind of conviction and clarity that is so lacking in America.

Our thinking is so fuzzy that we have a state awarding driver’s licenses to illegal aliens, and we have an advocacy group that monitors this public service, and we have a gubernatorial candidate in Douglas M. Duncan who does not dare press the illegal-alien issue.

Yet our so-called public servants all will pretend to have done their best after Washington gets hit. It will be so sad, the carnage. And they will be filled with so much righteous indignation. Theirs will be a meaningless performance, because the time to act is long past.

The Bush administration has created this massive bureaucracy called the Department of Homeland Security, apparently for the show of it.

Can someone please explain the potential effectiveness of this department if we are indifferent to illegal aliens? It takes one slightly creative nut job to fashion mayhem; that is all. Just one.

He probably will have a legal driver’s license, too, undoubtedly from the enlightened state of Maryland.

CASA is on the job.

At least we take comfort in knowing that our amigos in Central America would be equally hospitable to the illegal gringos seeking driver’s licenses and using the public services there. Isn’t that right, CASA? Mr. Duncan learned that on his fact-finding trip to El Salvador.

Our public servants are efficient tax collectors. They never pass up an opportunity to raise a property assessment. And you better pay your taxes. It is the law.

Your tax money spreads joy to the illegal aliens in your midst.

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