- The Washington Times - Sunday, October 2, 2005


Volcano erupts, thousands evacuated

SAN SALVADOR — El Salvador’s largest volcano, dormant for more than a century, shook the ground as it woke up yesterday, hurling out hot lava rocks and forcing more than 2,000 people to flee.

The Santa Ana — or Ilamatepec — volcano, located 41 miles west of the capital, rumbled and belched thick plumes of smoke that reached more than 9 miles into the sky just after 8:30 a.m. yesterday.

Military emergency sirens blasted, calling for an immediate evacuation of the hamlets in the coffee-growing area, and soon after the volcano began hurling glowing lava and ash from its crater. Witnesses reported that hot lava rocks belched out by the volcano ranged in size from a football to a car.


Contempt for Yalta called unjust

MAASTRICHT, The Netherlands — Grandsons of the three World War II allied leaders who attended the 1945 Yalta conference met for the first time yesterday and defended the talks which some, including President Bush, have blamed for triggering the Cold War.

“People imagine that Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin arrived in Yalta with a blank sheet of paper to decide the fate of Europe. Nothing could be further from the truth,” Winston Churchill, 64, told Reuters.

“The fate of Europe had been decided several months before, with the Red Army sweeping westward and rolling back the German Wehrmacht. It was that which led to the enslavement of some 200 million people,” he added.


500 prisoners freed from Abu Ghraib

BAGHDAD — Clutching new Korans and given $25 apiece, about 500 Iraqi prisoners were released from the U.S. military’s Abu Ghraib prison yesterday in a goodwill gesture ahead of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

“I want you to go back to your families and say hello to them. … Go back as good Iraqi citizens,” Deputy Prime Minister Abed Mutlak al-Jibouri told the men, urging them to take part in an Oct. 15 referendum on Iraq’s new constitution.

“Don’t listen to those who tell you don’t vote — vote! You are an Iraqi, and you have the right to participate.”

The U.S. military agreed to an Iraqi government request to free more than 1,000 prisoners from Abu Ghraib in stages before the start of Ramadan around Oct. 4, selecting detainees found by an Iraqi-led review board not to have committed serious crimes.


Fuel-price increases park protests

JAKARTA — Indonesia more than doubled the average cost of fuel yesterday in a bid to stave off an economic crisis, but it sparked transport strikes and violent protests from people who have long enjoyed some of the cheapest gas prices in the world.

The larger-than-expected increases, announced after a Cabinet meeting Friday and implemented yesterday, raised the price of gasoline by 87 percent to $1.67 per gallon, more than double the price of diesel fuel and triple the cost of kerosene.

The increases will push up the price of everything from rice to fish to cigarettes.

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