- The Washington Times - Tuesday, July 18, 2006

PATMOS, Greece — Wi-Fi really is everywhere.

Here, on the island where Christians believe St. John wrote the book of Revelation, wireless Internet has arrived, the first of the Greek islands to have received it. Why Patmos? Well, MIT’s tech meister Nicholas Negroponte has a home here — I understand he commutes from Athens airport via helicopter — and donated the equipment to the island.

I learned all this from our guide, the delightful and very well informed Margarita Maria Grillis, who is based at the Skala hotel in Patmos’ port town. If you ever go there, Miss Grillis is THE person to show you around.

Of course, it makes me wonder. If St. John had had wireless and a laptop during his 18 months on Patmos, would his books have been a Weblog?

Just wondering. No disrespect intended!



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