- The Washington Times - Tuesday, September 19, 2006

1:22 p.m.

A dump truck traveling north on Interstate 395 in Alexandria was struck by a bullet early this morning, but police say the shooting likely was not the work of a sniper.

“This is the first incident we’ve had of this nature in quite some time — shooting at a moving vehicle,” said Sgt. Terry Licklider, a Virginia State Police spokesman. “One shot was fired at the driver, but there’s nothing to indicate this is another sniper incident.”

Police said the shooting occurred at 6:56 a.m. as the truck headed north on I-395 near Edsall Road.

The bullet pierced the right passenger window of the truck, and police said a piece of glass hit the truck’s driver — Carlos Dipp Guzman, 60, of Alexandria — in his upper right arm near the biceps.

Mr. Guzman pulled the truck over and called police. He was treated for the injury at a local hospital.

Police said Mr. Guzman told them he had not had any altercations with other drivers, so they ruled out road rage as a possible motive for the shooting.

Police initially said the shot likely was fired from a 40-yard-long wooded area off of the highway, but a search of the woods for shell casings came up empty.

“They did not find a shell casing in that wooded area,” Sgt. Licklider said.

Fairfax County police are helping in the investigation and provided a helicopter and a K-9 unit to search the woods.

Investigators also are using a laser device normally used in accident reconstructions to help determine the bullet’s trajectory.

The shooting and subsequent search caused backups up to two miles long, as police closed a ramp to northbound Edsall Road for about three hours. The far right lane of northbound I-395 also was closed.

The ramp was reopened about noon.



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