- The Washington Times - Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Here’s an interesting, and presumably legal, way to snare music from the Internet without paying for it. All you need, apparently, is a Windows PC, an Internet connection and this program:

RapidSolution Software has released Radiotracker 3 Platinum, the enhanced version of its popular Internet radio recording solution whose new “smart” Wish List function has the ability to learn as it searches the Internet, targeting, locating and downloading ten times the number of songs—in the same amount of time—as its predecessor. The software is available at https://www.radiotracker.com.

“All previous Internet radio recorders, Radiotracker 2 among them, filtered the user’s desired songs from bulk music recorded in parallel, an approach that was constrained by DSL bandwidth,” said Norman F. Foerderer, director of sales & Marketing of RapidSolution Software. “Those with an average DSL connection typically could simultaneously record and filter only up to 20 radio stations. But Radiotracker 3 Platinum uses a completely new technology that enables it to actually learn from thousands of other Radiotracker 3 applications around the world, determining what music is beginning to be played at any moment on over 14,000 Internet radio stations. This not only increases song delivery tenfold, it frees users from having to listen to individual stations and eliminates the need for bulk recording processes that consume bandwidth.”

As with previous versions of Radiotracker, already popular in the U.S., Japan and Europe, the new easy-to-use application is an inexpensive way for music lovers to fill their MP3 players or PCs with thousands of free music tracks from Internet radio. Radiotracker software enables users with a broadband connection to download everything digital from punk rock to opera. Users simply select from 77 musical genres and then can listen along as Radiotracker scours the offerings of over 14,000 Internet radio stations, downloads the tunes, separates them into individual MP3 files and archives them on their hard drives.

Like TiVo and other applications that record broadcast material for personal use, Radiotracker accomplishes this without violating U.S. copyright law. And because downloads come from all over the Internet and not from a P2P server, Radiotracker users have complete anonymity.

I haven’t tested this software yet, but I hope to do so. And, I’ll let you know if the RIAA comes after me.



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