- The Washington Times - Monday, September 4, 2006

In trying to predict the Redskins’ final 53-man roster on Friday, I went 51 for 53. The only two that I had making the team that got cut were tight end Manuel White and defensive tackle Cedric Killings. The two that took their spots were defensive tackle Anthony Montgomery and safety Vernon Fox.

The Montgomery-for-Killings swap makes sense because Montgomery is younger and might not be active for most of the games so they’ll continue to develop him. Fox makes the team because he’s a special teams guy and the Redskins generally cover five safeties. I was thinking White would make it because he was a blocking tight end.

There were a couple surprising omissions from the practice squad. Tight end Buck Ortega (two TDs) and linebacker Spencer Havner had strong camps but neither was asked back. That tells me the Redskins value blocking tight ends like White (who is on the taxi squad) instead of receiving tight ends like Ortega and that they think they can find better linebackers on other teams’ practice squads should the need arise.

• This week’s schedule: Joe Gibbs talks Monday at 4:45. The team practices Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The big story this week will be whether RB Clinton Portis and DL Cornelius Griffin, Phillip Daniels and Renaldo Wynn play Monday against Minnesota. I don’t think CB Shawn Springs will play.

• Coming this week to the Redskins 360 Blog: Division by division previews with predictions. And, on Thursday, the start of a weekly item — my predictions for each NFL game to be played that week.

My non-Redskins thoughts

• Part I: College football debuted in full force on Saturday with a slew of games that were, in a word, boring. I think I took six naps. The games — except for Notre Dame-Georgia Tech, were blowouts. The announcing teams were terrible. The tackling was worse. The only good game was BYU-Arizona — won by UA on a final-play field goal, which ended about 1:45 a.m. I was still up because of all the naps earlier in the day.

• Part II: I love the U.S. Open tennis tournament, especially the night matches. John McEnroe is a great commentator and there’s nothing like watching live sports after midnight. James Blake finished up his match at 12:27 a.m. Monday.

• Part III: The Weekly Movie Review. “Accepted.” A solid B. Those who had pathetic academic careers like myself will get a kick out of it. Turned down by colleges. Loathing each and every class in high school and college. It all rang a bell for me and made me laugh out loud several times. The brains who went to “smart” schools probably won’t like it, but those of us who had a “C’s earn degrees” attitude — especially at Kansas State, my alma mater (class of December 1997), got a flashback.

• Part IV: While writing my Adam Archuleta feature today at Redskin Park, I went to You Tube and searched Coldplay to see if anything new was on there. And there was. Several of the band’s unplugged performances from an AOL concert. Great stuff. I saw them at the MCI-turned-Verizon Center in March and they put on a decent show.



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