- The Washington Times - Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Safety LaRon Landry kept the Washington Redskins waiting four extra days, but the sixth pick in the draft apparently didn’t disappoint in his first practice since ending his holdout.

“LaRon’s looked good,” safeties coach Steve Jackson said. “You can tell he’s real fit. LaRon wasn’t far behind at all. We had had six practices of [installing defenses], and he fit right in. With limited meeting time, he did real well picking everything up.”

Jackson was particularly impressed with the rookie’s endurance.

“We had some heat issues out there, and LaRon had to take more reps than we wanted him to, and he didn’t bust anything,” Jackson said. “It’s rare that a guy can come on the first day and take as many reps as he did and want more.”

Landry, who had been working out in Baton Rouge, La., with his former LSU teammates, was torn between not wanting to miss any practice time and allowing his agent, Joel Segal, to negotiate the best deal.

“The whole time I was pushing. I was on the phone with my agent every day: ‘How’s it looking, how’s it looking, get me into camp, get me into camp,’ ” Landry said. “But I left everything up to him. He’s been through a lot of contract negotiations.”

Landry may have shone in Jackson’s eyes yesterday, but the rookie was more self-critical.

“It started out pretty tough, getting into the swing of things,” Landry said. “Working out at LSU, it’s a different type of workout than being out here. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.”

Landry modestly said he wasn’t going out to top safety Sean Taylor (fifth pick, 2004) and cornerback Carlos Rogers (ninth pick, 2005) in opening the season as a starter. But despite the presence of Pierson Prioleau, who has started at safety in this defense, and Omar Stoutmire, who started for New Orleans last year, Jackson referred to Landry as one of “the 11” pieces who will be out there on defense.

“LaRon can cover tight ends, he can cover backs and he can get out on the slot and cover wide receivers,” Jackson said. “The biggest thing about LaRon is his attitude. He’s not afraid of wide receivers.”



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