- The Washington Times - Saturday, August 11, 2007


Noble: Rescue workers across the nation who have had a busy month.

Having faced two major disasters in recent weeks, observers and commentators mourn the dead and the injured but often overlook the amazing, courageous efforts of rescue workers who toil without rest to provide relief to disaster victims.

Earlier this month, when the I-35 bridge crashed into the Mississippi River, local rescue workers were on site immediately to look for survivors trapped in cars or in the river. They were soon aided by FBI and Navy divers. After several days, the workers shifted from rescue to recovery, which meant slower and meticulous work. Almost two weeks after the accident, divers are still at the site, searching for the missing and clearing up the rubble.

On Monday, a Utah coal mine collapsed, trapping six miners 1,500 feet underground, and rescuers continue to work round the clock. The efforts are difficult: The drilling rig is precariously balanced on the side of a mountain, and seismic activity on Tuesday brought the digging efforts back to square one. The workers push on.

For risking their lives every day to save disaster victims, rescue workers everywhere are the Nobles of the week.

Knave: The Hawk ‘n’ Dove, a Capitol Hill bar/restaurant with a discriminatory entry policy.

On Monday, local blog DCist posted an interesting story. Evidently, the dingy watering hole, located on Pennsylvania Avenue and several blocks from the Marine barracks, has had a standing policy since the early 1990s that Marine Corps patrons may not enter without a date or a uniform. Paul Meagher, Hawk ‘n’ Dove’s manager, not only confirmed the policy, but explained that it stemmed from several incidents, nearly 20 years ago, when some Marines got rowdy and caused property damage. The management claims that wearing a uniform or having a date seems to keep them in line.

A private establishment certainly retains the right to refuse service to unruly patrons. But the idea that they would refuse entrance to members of our prestigious armed forces without a babysitter is appalling. Rowdy bar behavior is certainly not limited to Marines. Can the doormen determine plain-clothes Marines from civilians? Also, why hasn’t there been more backlash from this blatant display of discrimination? This bar/restaurant is certainly more Dove than Hawk.

For disallowing Marines, the Hawk ‘n’ Dove is the Knave of the week.



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