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Casual sex ‘con’

“Count me among the dissatisfied daughters of the sexual revolution, a new counterculture of women who are realizing that casual sex is a con and are choosing to remain chaste instead.

“Our culture — both in the media via programs such as ‘Sex and the City’ and in everyday interactions — relentlessly puts forth the idea that lust is a way station on the road to love. It isn’t. …

“The misguided, hedonistic philosophy, which urges young women into this kind of behavior harms both men and women; but it is particularly damaging to women, as it pressures them to subvert their deepest emotional desires. The champions of the sexual revolution are cynical. They know in their tin hearts that casual sex doesn’t make women happy. That’s why they feel the need continually to promote it.”

— Dawn Eden, writing on “Casual sex is a con: women just aren’t like men,” in the Sunday Times of London

Forecast: insanity

“It’s official. America is now totally insane over the weather.

“Even the Weather Channel that used to simply provide reasonably accurate, short-term information about the weather is now telling everyone we’re doomed because global warming is going to destroy the Earth. Why not just rename it the AlGore Channel?

“The weather used to be the concern primarily of farmers and ranchers. … As America became more urbanized, the rest of the population wanted to know whether to bring an umbrella or what to wear. Now it is a source of daily anxiety over the fate of the Earth.

“To make matters worse, people are being told and actually believing that what they do or not can affect the weather in ways to keep the seas and temperatures from rising. …

“That is a definition of insanity. It is so far removed from reality that Hollywood has to conjure up films showing New York under miles of snow or so-called documentaries demanding that industry must come to a stop in order to save the Earth.”

— Alan Caruba, writing on “America Goes Insane Over the Weather,” at www.intellectual conservative.com

Comedy culture

“Containing a stabbing, missing persons and a number of familial conflicts, ‘Volver’ is fundamentally a comedy, and not just because it contains a number of very funny scenes. Instead, it approaches the classical conception of comedy by resolving apparent dilemmas in a happy way and by reaffirming the vitality of human life and community. …

” ‘Volver’ is neither particularly dark nor obsessive about sexuality, even if it does repeatedly draw our attention to the cleavage of its star, Penelope Cruz. …

“But happily for viewers, Cruz has much more than her bosom working for her in this film. She exhibits comedic skills, a remarkable emotional range, and even a bit of singing talent in a film that critics are describing as her return to the comfortable environment of her native culture.

“Many critics have observed that the film, partly set in [director Pedro] Almodovar’s childhood town of La Mancha, is a sort of homage to the women who raised him. It certainly features the maternal instincts of women. Beyond their instincts, it celebrates their beauty, grace and humor; their care for others and their embrace of sacrificial acts that go unnoticed in the public world; and their virtuosity, both in the domestic and business arenas.”

— Thomas Hibbs, writing on “Cruz’n Classic,” Friday in National Review Online at www.nationalreview.com

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