- The Washington Times - Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Hey, speaking of Dennis Miller, I notice he’s got a talk-radio show up and running. Given the evolution of his politics since September 11, I suppose it’s a fitting venue for Miller - and I’m sure he’ll do fine there.

Still, as a rabid fan of the guy, I can’t notice the move as another sign of Miller’s overall decline since his HBO show ran its course in ‘02. Miller long ago described his politics as “libertarian-conservative,” so we shouldn’t be all that surprised that he’d trend even further rightward as he got older.

He was always able to occupy that space without seeming like he was shilling for either side - or violating the integrity of his comedy; now, as a weekly sidekick of the vastly inferior Bill O’Reilly, the overt politics of Miller’s act come off as a somewhat desperate groping at relevance.

See here and then here to get a sense of just how flat (not to mention canned) his jokes are becoming.



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