- The Washington Times - Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The news release says it all (see below), but I also just breezed through the new “Blogger & Podcaster Magazine” online, and it seems like a VERY nifty read. I believe these folks are on to something, and urge you to check it out.

A new trade magazine chronicling the “new media titans” now taking over the Web and airwaves launches this month in print, digital and podcast forms. Blogger & Podcaster Magazine, believed to be the first publication to launch simultaneously in 3 distinct formats, promises to deliver news, features, tips and profiles written for, and by, those who want to use these thriving online media to leverage their voice and expand their businesses opportunities. At present, industry watchers estimate there are more than 80,000 podcasts and 60 million blogs available via the Internet. Those figures should grow exponentially as technology improves for both creators and consumers. Business applications for both blogging and podcasting also are expected to expand.

Though hobbyists also will enjoy the information within the monthly publication, both the circulation of 20,000 and editorial is focused towards “serious” bloggers and podcasters - those dedicated to the craft and wishing to capitalize creatively and financially from their work. Readership is projected to reach 250,000 within the next year, according to Blogger & Podcaster publisher Larry Genkin, who also is CEO of the magazine’s parent company, Larstan Publishing Inc.

“Bloggers and podcasters are a force to be reckoned with. They are responsible for some of the best investigative journalism and commentary in the media today. There are two things holding back the industry: helping practitioners to earn a full-time living from their craft and providing vendors a cost effective vehicle to communicate with and generate significant sales from bloggers and podcasters. We aim to help the industry on both fronts,” said Genkin.

The magazine is edited by two seasoned journalists, but in keeping with the collaborative nature of social media, articles and columns are created primarily by those on the frontlines and in the headlines.

Monthly columnists include:

* Tee Morris, author of Podcasting for Dummies

* Shel Israel, co-author of Naked Conversations

* Paul Colligan co-author of The Business Podcasting Bible

* Rob Walch, co-author of Tricks of the Podcasting Masters

In addition, Blogger & Podcaster is the official publication of the newly formed International Blogging and New Media Association (IBNMA), which is producing the annual BlogWorld conference in Las Vegas this November.

The free digital edition incorporates state-of-the-art technology to give Blogger & Podcaster the look and feel of the paper-based version, but includes special features like embedded audio and video. The Podcast edition is also free, while a print subscription costs $79 per year in the U.S. and $99 Internationally. All content is available through the magazine’s web site, www.bloggerandpodcaster.com.



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