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Another Trojan horse

A recent news story stated that “Democrats are careful to emphasize that their approaches do not amount to amnesty,” yet they are one with President Bush’s determination to force huge population increases in this country, just as they marched willingly to his insistence in starting the U.S. occupation in Iraq — both of which Americans overwhelmingly oppose (“United on immigration, Democrats divide voters,” Page 1, April 23).

Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction, nor will it become a democracy under an occupation that kills hundreds of thousands of Iraqi citizens. Neither will Americans retain their self-determination and freedom under the unnecessary, unwanted onslaught of millions of illegal aliens and the accompanying huge guest-worker surges that spread poverty and crime, resulting in the decimation of our natural resources and even the very core of our culture.

Just as Mr. Bush’s supposed shock-and-awe attacks in Iraq foretold continual occupation, Americans likewise realize that the president and the congressional Democrats’ ill-fated comprehensive immigration reform heralds another Trojan horse — the eighth of endless amnesties dating from 1986.


Lafayette, Calif.


Tracy W. Price may consider the phrase “gun-free zone” to be the ultimate delusion but, like everyone else who has chimed in on the Virginia Tech shootings, he misses the real point and the far more dangerous ultimate delusion (“Anti-gun nonsense,” Op-Ed, Friday). Although it is quite true that all of these wholesale slaughters have happened in schools across America, there are still massacres in places like the McDonald’s in Killeen, Texas. That was certainly not a gun-free zone.

The real “ultimate delusion” is not the gun-free zone. It is of little consequence whether the guns or the ammo were purchased legally. No, the ultimate delusion does far more damage in American schools and workplaces everyday and is far more insidious.

America’s ultimate delusion is even posted on signs next to all of our schools: “Drug-Free Zone.” How can any area be considered drug-free when such a large number of the people in them are on Ritalin, Prozac, Zoloft or any of perhaps 100 such psychiatric drugs?

All of the shootings Mr. Price mentions were perpetrated by people on psychiatric drugs, Certainly, man has been killing man since his beginning. We all know that. We also know that gun laws send crime rates soaring. What seems to be kept out of the news and history books is the correlation between psychiatric drugs and mass murder.

Virginia Gov. Timothy Kaine has just mandated that anyone who has been ordered by a court to get mental-health treatment is ineligible to buy a gun, and that’s a start. However, until we put a stop to the criminal drugging of our children and adults by this vested interest group, none of our children will be safe, not in schools, not in malls, not at post offices, not anywhere.


La Habra, Calif.

‘Ideological vampirism’

Rep. Jim Saxton’s article “Upside-down mindset” (Commentary, Friday) reminds me of the Hollywood vampire movies inspired by Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” novel, in which supernatural “undead” creatures with hypnotic powers persuade many of their victims to allow these creatures to bite them in the neck and suck their blood (and even their life) out of them. Yet these creatures have no reflection when viewed in a mirror, thereby implying that they don’t really exist or that they exist only in the imagination of their beholders.

In his column, Mr. Saxton attempts to trivialize Congress’ recent attempt to set a date for withdrawing most of our troops from Iraq by claiming that Americans have been “seduced” by views that domestic issues have been subordinated to our “foreign policy agenda” or that they are simply reflecting dissatisfaction with the Bush administration.

Furthermore, he claims that such views or perceptions are a result of how “our enemies work” to deceive us, admitting that “[u]nlike our enemies, we have not been able to effectively articulate our message regarding the Iraq war and the global war on terror as a whole.”

The real reason Mr. Saxton and his friends have not been able to effectively articulate their message is because just two Bush administration strategic Iraq objectives remain credible:

1) To enable American and British oil companies to permanently seize (highly profitable) control over a large portion of the Middle East’s oil reserves.

2) To funnel as many billions of our tax dollars as they possibly can into the corporate and private bank accounts of their friends until they finally are kicked out of power.

Nevertheless, Mr. Saxton wants his readers to believe that “we are engaged in a global war on terror that will be measured not in months or years, but in decades, and… Iraq is the central battleground.” His arguments are a classic example of “ideological vampirism,” which tends to suck the life out of its believers.

But unlike Bram Stoker, who only defined his fictional “undead” as enemies, Mr. Saxton and his friends in the White House have demonstrated that they would like to be free to define anybody as an “enemy” whenever they find it politically convenient to do so, as evidenced by the many uncharged “enemy combatants” being held at places like Guantanamo Bay.

During World War II, the two countries that lost the highest percentages of their populations were the two countries that had started the war, Germany and Japan. This can be expected when people put their faith in those who promote hate-your-neighbor ideological vampirism rather than promoting effective implementations of the rule of law to deal with problems like terrorism.


Pascoag, R.I.


Congress is trying to dictate tactics that anyone can tell you are idiotic: You don’t tell the burglar when you plan to leave the house unlocked, and you don’t tell the enemy when you plan to withdraw (“Bush vetoes war deadline,” Page 1, yesterday).

Our wonderful Congress, led by Democrats who are desperate to grab power, has pushed our president into a game of hardball. Then they want to scream foul. They knew the veto was coming. It’s been no secret. It has been a long war, and in these four years, by the grace of God and the blood of our troops in Iraq, the fighting has stayed over there, not on American soil. All Congress is accomplishing is to convince the enemy that they are winning the hearts and minds of U.S. citizens who are too self-centered to recognize truth. Yes, we need to change tactics, but we need good tactics, not half-baked ideas from politicians who have no clue.


Chandler, Ind.

In 2006, Americans elected the Democrats to shut down the war. We didn’t elect them to create political theater pretending to oppose the war while still passing the funding to sustain it. Now is the time when we’ll see if the Democrats have what it takes to do what the voters want. We want the war shut down now. This should be easy. They don’t have to give President Bush something he’ll accept. All they have to do is nothing. Don’t fund the troops. Let the war starve.

Mr. Bush wants the war to continue, and I wonder if the Democrats want it to continue as well. The worse things get in Iraq, the better it is for them in the 2008 elections. Democrats have shown no political courage to do the right thing. They sat silently as Mr. Bush passed laws authorizing torture, domestic spying, secret prisons and the shredding of the Constitution. They didn’t oppose the war until opposing the war was cool. Now Democrats have to show they have what it takes to lead, that they are not the party of the weak and stupid. This is their test. This is where they earn their paychecks.


San Bruno, Calif.

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