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Trash, not class

” ‘White Trash.’ For many, the name evokes images of trailer parks, homegrown meth labs, and beat-up Camaros, rural poor whites with too many kids and not enough government cheese. It’s a putdown for the down and out and white. White trash is the name given to those whites who don’t make it, either because they’re too lazy or too stupid. Or maybe because something’s wrong with their inbred genes. Whatever the reason, it’s their own… fault they live like that. They’ve got nobody to blame but themselves.

“It’s sometimes used to name the rich and famous when they act badly or misbehave. So, despite her millions, Paris Hilton can be called white trash for her pornographic lifestyle. …

“All of which makes the reality that white trash names pretty complicated and confusing. Is it, as John Waters once said, ‘the last racist thing you can say and get away with’? Or has it transformed into a symbol of something like ethnic pride?”

— Matt Wray, writing on “That Ain’t White,” in American Sexuality at nsrc.sfsu.edu

Alien ‘con game’

“Billions of dollars are being made on the backs of illegal aliens. Powerful forces don’t want this cash cow tampered with. They will defend the status quo to protect their financial interests. …

“[Illegal immigration is] replacing high-priced American workers with those who will do the work that … the 300 million citizens of the United States are told over and over again by their own president that they really do not want to do.

“As if America, all its great cities and farms and railroads and highways and skyscrapers and navies and air forces and bridges, all its universities, all its industrial might and the space program itself were built by Mexicans, Hondurans and Guatemalans. What rhetorical mischief! What political chicanery! What a colossal con game perpetrated on the American people and on our neighbors to the south.”

— Ronald F. Maxwell, writing on “The destruction of America’s working class,” Saturday in WorldNetDaily.com

Papal target?

“Philip Jenkins informs me that he’s in the Cassandra business. His forthcoming book about the future of Europe, ‘God’s Continent,’ certainly bears that out. … The most incendiary premonition … is that ‘unless political circumstances change radically, there will soon be a major attack on an iconic symbol of European Christianity.’

“The political circumstances that Jenkins refers to are the ongoing conflicts between Muslim immigrants and old stock Europeans. There have already been well-publicized attacks by the former on the latter, such as the gruesome murder of provocateur and filmmaker Theo van Gogh in Amsterdam in November 2004. But most of the European victims so far have been secular, or, at the very least, not singled out for their Christian beliefs. Jenkins … figures it’s only a matter of time before something really horrible happens.

“Jenkins points to the pope as one likely target. …

“After Benedict XVI delivered a controversial address in Regensburg, Germany, in September of last year … death threats poured in. …

“Protests and riots broke out from Cairo to Paris. Two churches in Palestine … were firebombed in protest. An Italian nun working at a children’s hospital in Mogadishu was gunned down.”

— Jeremy Lott, writing on “Be Afraid, Be Somewhat Afraid,” in Thursday in the American Spectator Online at www.spectator.org

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