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“Need more proof that the Big Green Scare Machine is spoon-feeding you cherry-picked non-science” to further their global warming alarmist agenda? “Try this,” Marc Sheppard writes at americanthinker.com.

“While news of Arctic ice shrinking to its lowest level on record is being screamed everywhere … the emergence of colder weather and ice levels at their highest in almost 30 years on the other side of the globe has been all but ignored,” Mr. Sheppard said.

“In coming months, you’re sure to hear a lot about how global warming has created that which has eluded explorers from John Cabot in 1497 to Henry Hudson in 1609: the fabled Arctic Ocean shipping lane known as the Northwest Passage.

“And, while it’s true that satellite photos have found an ice-free corridor along Canada, Alaska and Greenland and Northern Hemisphere ice at its lowest level since such images were taken in 1978, it’s also true that Antarctic ice levels (Southern Hemisphere) are at record highs for that same period.

“That’s right, according to the University of Illinois Polar Research Group Web site The Cryosphere Today: ‘The Southern Hemisphere sea ice area has broken the previous maximum of 16.03 million sq. km and is currently at 16.26 million sq. km. This represents an increase of about 1.4 percent above the previous SH ice area record high.’

“To be sure, this historic bipolarity of the Southern Hemisphere sea ice maximum corresponding with a Northern Hemisphere sea ice minimum is puzzling.

“The fact that climate illusionists will only reveal the heads side of the coin certainly is not.”

Shot in the foot

“In a way, David Petraeus won the day MoveOn.org came forth with its famous ‘General Petraeus or General Betray Us?’ ad,” Peggy Noonan writes at www.OpinionJournal.com.

“They shot themselves in the foot and deserve to be known by their limp. Republicans enacted fury (Thank you, O political gods, for showing the low nature of our foes!), and Democrats felt it (Embarrassed again by the loons!). No one — no normal American — thinks a U.S. Army four-star came back from Iraq to damage our democracy by telling lies,” Miss Noonan said.

“Gen. Petraeus’s testimony was dry, full of data points and graphs. He gave the impression that everything he said was, to the best of his considerable knowledge, true. One sensed that like good witnesses everywhere, he was not saying everything he thought.

“He was earnest, unflappable, and low-key to the point of colorless. Maybe he figures things are colorful enough. …

“As for the president’s speech on Thursday night, it managed to seem both wooden and manipulative, which is a feat. For days conservative commentators had warned the president should leave the week where it was, and not put on it his distinctive stamp. They were right.”

On-air confession

“The idea that cable network MSNBC is liberally biased is certainly no stunning revelation. However, when one of its foremost liberal hosts, Keith Olbermann, admits it on the air, that is truly something to behold,” Noel Sheppard writes at newsbusters.org.

“Such actually occurred Thursday evening, and was captured for posterity by Real Clear Politics’ Blake Dvorak.

“To set this up, Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards bought some advertising time on MSNBC Thursday evening to respond to President Bush’s address to the nation concerning Iraq. After the ad finished, Olbermann disgracefully said the following: ‘I don’t want to be diverted by talking about commercials in the middle of the show but, [liberal radio talk-show host] Rachel [Maddow], why on earth did he buy that commercial? I don’t think I’m saying anything unknown to the audience, I don’t think he would have gotten a hard time from this particular network. Why on earth did we do it that way?’

“Fascinating, wouldn’t you agree? After all, here was a highly paid newscaster asking an Air America radio host why a Democrat presidential candidate would bother spending money advertising on his network when everyone knows how biased it is.”

Silent Hillary

“She’s getting pounded by rivals in her own party on charges she’s wishy-washy on Iraq and by Republicans who say she’s prejudiced against the military. She’s got a big funder who’s so crooked she’s giving back $850,000 and scrambling to make sure he’s the only one with a criminal record. And through it all, Hillary Clinton is saying next to nothing,” New York Daily News columnist Michael Goodwin writes.

“The Big Week that was in Washington happened with Clinton playing bystander, though not an innocent one. With the congressional grilling of our top Iraq commander and President Bush starting to withdraw troops, the week shaped up as a watershed moment in the 2008 campaign. Yet except for a snippy speech she read to Gen. David Petraeus before she asked him and our ambassador inconsequential questions at a Senate hearing, the Democratic front-runner was mostly a no-show,” Mr. Goodwin said.

“Even after Bush’s crucial prime-time address, when most candidates rushed to give their take, Clinton offered only a lackluster printed statement. And ditto for her response after GOP tag-teamers Rudy Giuliani and John McCain bashed her for attacking Petraeus and not rebuking the radical MoveOn.org for its smear of him.

“Sometimes it seems her main flack Howard Wolfson is really the senator, since he does most of her talking. You know, Sen. Wolfson said yesterday. …”

Moving ahead

Barack Obama has surged ahead of Hillary Clinton in popularity among blacks in South Carolina, according to a new poll conducted by Winthrop University,” reporter Brian DeBose writes in his “On Politics” blog at www.washingtontimes.com.

“The survey, conducted between Aug. 19 and Sept. 9, shows Obama supported by 35 percent of black South Carolinians and Clinton by 30 percent,” Mr. DeBose said.

“The next closest candidate was John Edwards, with 3 percent. But third place actually is held by ‘Undecided/Not Sure,’ at 28 percent. None of the other Democratic candidates garnered a full percentage point.”

The poll of 657 randomly selected participants has a margin of error of about 4 percent.

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