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It may no longer be politically correct to cast a child in the corner with a dunce cap, (I am aging myself), but I find the primitive punishment applicable for a few of today’s social and political elite. For three particularly egregious acts of stupidity this week, dunce awards must go to: Jimmy Carter, the NAACP and Barack Obama.

Former President Carter is planning to fly across the globe for a very important a trip this week. Is it to end world hunger? No. Work on a cure for HIV/AIDS? No. Meet with a State Department-declared terrorist group? Ding, ding, ding! You got it. Not only does Mr. Carter have plans to meet with the exiled leader of Hamas during his 10-day visit to the Middle East, but it’s at a time when Israeli-Palestinian peace talks are fragile, and at the beginning of Passover week for the Jewish people. What timing.

Just in case it slipped your mind, Hamas is best known for its multiple suicide bombings, attacks directed against civilians and the Israeli military. The Hamas charter also calls for the destruction of the State of Israel. So it’s no surprise, that the State Department and Bush administration have warned Mr. Carter against the “detrimental” meeting. State Department spokesman Sean McCormack told CNN: “We don’t believe it is in the interest of our policy or in the in the interest of peace to have such a meeting.” Nor most Americans for that matter.

I’m no foreign affairs expert but, what on earth is Mr. Carter thinking? If for the sake of argument one could offer any feasible justification for a meeting with people who live to kill, what on God’s green earth does Mr. Carter think he will actually accomplish? Peace? How would he start the conversation? And what would he say to Israelis while pacifying a group intent on their annihilation? Calls for the Democratic Party and its presidential candidates to rein in Mr. Carter (or at least denounce his dunce-like behavior), have fallen on deaf ears. What an abomination.

The next award, goes to the NAACP for, get this, inviting — yes, inviting — the Rev. Jeremiah Wright to deliver the keynote address at its biggest annual fundraiser, the Freedom Fund Dinner, in Detroit on April 27th. It is reportedly the place to be for presidents, politicians and social elites who want to address what is arguably the largest black audience in one sitting. Several issues should be raised about such obvious, if not blatant, hypocrisy by the NAACP:

1) As if Detroit doesn’t have enough problems already (a sagging economy, high unemployment and a mayor who is under a multi-count indictment for perjuring himself about an affair with his chief of staff). Now you can add: The salacious “hip-hop” city opens its arms for bigots.

2) The “civil rights” organization is now on the record as supporting an anti-American, anti-white, black separatist who makes no apologies for his beliefs. That should go a long way in solidifying the organization’s anti-discrimination efforts — huh?

I find it quite perplexing that news headlines are referring to Mr. Wright as “controversial, embattled, fiery and rebellious,” but how about racist or bigoted? Those accurate descriptions seem to be missing from the headlines and the NAACP’s vernacular. Its Detroit branch president did tell BlackAmericaWeb.com that Mr. Wright is, “an accomplished lecturer and religious leader whose appearance offered an opportunity for us all to go to school, to learn what goes on within our communities that we may not understand.” I think we all understand what a racist is. Shame on the NAACP for actually courting this man.

The last dunce award goes to Sen. Barack Obama for once again “not wording” what he meant in the “right way,” when he addressed a group in California on Sunday. Mr. Obama was referring to jobless small town Pennsylvanians when he said: “And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion… as a way to explain their frustrations.” At at later event, Mr. Obama tried to “explain” what he meant without taking back what he said. I say, he said exactly what he meant. He just forgot that he wasn’t quite ready to reveal how liberal and elitist he really is. As Charles Krauthammer so aptly put it over the weekend, “It’s what you’d expect from a latte liberal.” Mr. Obama also forgot that while his words play well among his liberal California comrades, those Reagan Democrats are the same kind of “people” he will have to answer to about his condescending remarks when he gets to Pennsylvania.

Sen. Hillary Clinton and Sen. John McCain didn’t hesitate to pounce from their perches and weigh in on the gaffe, while Mr. Obama’s surrogates were in full spin-cycle on the Sunday morning shows. Tom Daschle and Bob Scrum shared the same “single-mother, poor background, and Mr. Obama really understands small town pain” talking points on different shows. Mr. Daschle dug the ditch deeper when he said what Mr. Obama meant was that these kind of people are “More susceptible to divisive politics.” More susceptible? So now they’re too stupid to understand what’s good for them? If that isn’t even more elitist and patronizing.

The man who declares that “words matter” seems to be having a lot of problems with his as of late. Dunce-like too, since Mr. Obama also finds himself “clinging” to religion.

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